Dreamsense a Russian Symphonic band with a powerful taste of black metal.

DREAMSENSE - is a Russian Symphonic Metal band formed in 2012 consisting of tenor vocalist George Ognev (participant of the Voice of Ukraine), Ilya Dykin guitarist,  Sasha V. guitarist,  Tony Shabbat bassist,  Alex Ziegler drummer. The band was influenced by such great representatives of the genre as Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, After Forever, Within Temptation, and classic composers as Hendel, Bach and movie composers. All feelings and life experiences expressed in the music. According to this, the sound turned out with an emphasis on the diversity of the orchestra and  with a powerful taste of black metal.

“An idea of creating a music band came up in 2012. At that time I started writing music, lyrics and formed concept of the whole band. In 2015, having enough material for a small set, the band gained a full line-up and began performing. Actually, in the same year we recorded a demo of "Feel Alive". In 2016 we played several concerts over Moscow and Samara, finishing it with a one hour set in the Moscow club "Gorod" George Ognev said.

In 2017 band applied to the World's largest music festival-contest for independent bands EMERGENZA and successfully reached the final, taking first place in the audience voting.

Same year they released “Uncolored”, Dreamsense has chosen Nightwish song for the cover because it has a great impact on the band members and this song is some kind of a prequel to the main theme of “Slaying the Dreamer”. “There is no such appeal in this song, but rather a desperate prayer to think about it. There is disappointment and pain. Initially, I thought that the release of "Uncolored" would look a little different. Let's open a small veil of secret - this song has a positive and energetic "antagonist", which will give battle to a colorless Uncolored single” George Ognev stated. In Dreamsense’s interpretation, the Dreamer is indifferent to the attacks and he understands that someone always wants to “Put a stake through his heart and drag him into sunlight.” All the sufferings he goes through - are only flashes on the way to his Dream. With this song Dreamsense wants to say: “Everyone will try to tear you apart and crush your will. But don’t let anyone kill the Dreamer in you. Never stop dreaming and doing what you believe in!”

Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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