After years of putting off the chase and embrace of his musical dreams, Daniel Coloprisco is in a major rebuilding mode, getting back into the game in a spirited and deeply soulful way. His new two track EP featuring the poignant, heartfelt vocal ballad “Winter Song” (featuring vocals by Jes Hudak) and the gorgeous piano instrumental “A Touch of Feeling” marks a powerful and emotional return – and the launch of what promises to be an inspiring and eclectic career. The New Jersey based alt-pop keyboardist and songwriter spent his 20s doing a little bit of everything, running the spectrum from prog rock to punk outfits, before going the straight and more stable route of a career in the Information Technology (IT) world. 

He always had the intention of turning music into a full- time gig, but life got in the way – “marriage, divorce, social and family obligations, then another divorce followed by debilitating anxiety. Collectively, all of these obstacles became insurmountable, at least for a time.” Fortunately for both Daniel and fans of passionate, heartfelt music, giving up and staying on the sidelines was never an option. He turned all the darkness he went through into a positive, life affirming force that has enabled him to reconnect with his creative core. 
He paved the way for his return to music by publishing a photography book, creating business and comedy videos, and writing a variety of scripts. With the release of the EP and many other tracks in other genres just waiting to be unleased, Daniel is now sharing his music – and connecting with an audience – for the first time in ages. It is testament to Daniel’s talent that he was able to have Jes Hudak sing the lush vocal on his lead single “Winter’s Song.” Jes was the first runner up on Bravo TV’s reality competition series “Platinum Hit” and her song “Different Worlds” has close to one million streams on Spotify. Daniel says, “Winter's Song is autobiographical, sad but hopeful, and leaves the listener speculating. It describes my relationship with my first fiancée. In the lyrics, ‘winter’s song’ and ‘winter’s dream’ refer to reminiscences of our connection and to our hopes. When the bond grew excessively possessive, we parted ways. This is what ‘the tighter you're held, the more you slip away’ describes. The section that recounts the anticipation of ‘standing outside our door’ implies being on the precipice of a second go & round of the relationship.” 

While he estimates that his releases will be 75 percent vocal on a planned long-playing multi-genre release scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, “A Touch of Feeling” invites us to experience the introspective, instrumental part of his multi-faceted artistry. One listener review describes it best: “This is what heaven sounds like.” Testing them out originally on TuneCore’s SoundOut crowd review service, the songs were deemed “very promising,” Winter’s Song was rated with a score of 80% while A Touch of a Feeling received a 79% mark with both results based on a possible 85%. Also, each piece received high track ratings and were ranked in the top 15% of 100,000 all time songs in their individual genres. 
These songs have also each garnered extremely positive reviews from IndiePulse Music Magazine, Rawckus Magazine, Matheson’s Entertainment Blog, The Ark of Music, Shock Ya News and Reviews, Review Fix, and a number of other top publications. “I spent my life loving and living music. I never lost step with whatever new musical styles came along while still embracing the classic rock that I grew up with. Musicians that I admire like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Oscar-winning movie score fame and Damon Albarn of Blur, Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad, and the Queen, etc. have taught me how to park my ego and focus on writing and producing the finest music that I can,” Daniel says. “With this EP, I rediscovered the abilities that I had and also what I enjoyed doing most. I vowed to professionally record my best songs. As soon as I began to do so, a creativity wave came over me and I wound up with five new songs and counting. I am currently engaged in this seemingly endless but euphoric creative loop. If someone is touched or it has personal meaning for an individual, that would be magnificent.”
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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