Complicate Simple A Unique and Eclectic, Inspiration-Influenced Rock/Jazz/Punk

Complicate/Simple came about when the singer (Michael Jon Lazar) and Guitarist (Maxwell Pittman) determined that all rock hits shared a commonality: They consisted, for the most part, of simple, four-chord songs that were colored with other instruments and hooks. As Michael stated: “What many of these writers of the world’s most popular hit songs did was they took something that was four-chords-simple and made it complicated by coloring it in.” 

After Pittman and Lazar connected, they determined that they’d need a dedicated place to practice and fine-tune their licks. In entered a big agenda: handcraft a custom home rehearsal studio (at Max’s house) that would give them the little practice stage they’d require in order to deliver the tunes they wanted to their audience on the big stage. Six months of hard work later, and the duo had built a climate controlled, fully soundproofed home rehearsal studio, complete with a stage, full PA, drum pit and all the fixings with which to procure their grander dreams of some day gracing the big stage.

Shortly thereafter, the ambitious pair recruited Massachusetts native, drummer Kyle Norwood, who had recently relocated to AZ (he had been previously playing with Community Smokes). Hence, Complicate Simple was born. 

A little while later, bass phenom, Cody Folk, would be added to the band to complete this rocker foursome. Michael and Maxwell are the primary song writers in the group, with Michael serving as the front man and penning invigorating lyrics that borrow as much from their personal lives as well as from the crazy menagerie of this existence, enabling the group to create an idea. Once that mental whiteboard thought has been birthed, the group then infers to newcomer bassist Cody Folk and drummer Norwood to help develop it further into a living, breathing, musical entity. 

The songs range on their coverage of a wide topic set, including messages about drug and sex addiction, shame, healing, overcoming unbeatable odds, loss, death, suicide, depression and finding one’s true path in life. Complicate/Simple may not have just arrived. But they’ve had half a decade to mold, hone and create an identifiable tone with a precision sound and superb delivery. 

Their unique flavor of rock and roll offers an eclectic mix of alternative, rock, punk and mainstream, blended with the perfect concoction of uniqueness. It’s helped them become a well- known regional band along the West Coast and has propelled the group to #1 local and regional ranking on Reverbnation.com with a top-50 national ranking and a top-100 global ranking in their respective genres. 

“It’s exciting to see the culmination of more than 5 years of hard work become a reality,” Lazar comments. “The mood at our studio is elevated lately. We’re putting the last bits of polish on a brand-new record; it’s an all-new sound and vibe that we think our audience will love. We can’t wait to get out and perform for it for them!”

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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