VOODOO ANGEL - The Devil Inside !

VOODOO ANGEL is a rock band influenced by hard rock and alternative metal. The musical universe of the band is close to that of SIXX AM, SLASH, POP EVIL, HANOI-ROCKS : Catchy hooks, punchy grooves, huge choruses instantly memorable, rock guitar riffs and massive modern production. Their first album, entitled "First Spell", is about to be released. Ten songs in which VOODOO ANGEL manages to blend 90s hard-rock choruses and contemporary metal with their own unique character and style on each track.

In August 2019, VOODOO ANGEL released a video for their cover of the INXS' classic "Devil Inside". The band members states: "We chose to make a cover of "Devil Inside" because the title of this song is very revealing of who we are. (We're talking about rock and metal musicians). VOODOO ANGEL also evokes the duality present in each of us. Our dark side and our share of light. VOODOO ANGEL seems to refer to supernatural entities but it is actually very human. On the other hand, we always thought that INXS was a great band. Those musicians have always been very inventive. We can't wait to listen to their next album ! This cover is also part of a desire to honor them."

Since 2016, VOODOO ANGEL opened for many artists such as ULI JON ROTH. Visually and musically, VOODOO ANGEL project a healthy aggression, an adrenaline rush. They consider that a rock show must allow the people to get rid off all the accumulated tensions and to forget all the problems caused by the crap period we are living. One of the singularities, in this style of music, is that the singer plays piano and keyboards on some songs. This gives a unique blend, as the sounds range from the distorded organ in the manner of JOHN LORD to the hypnotic atmospheres found in electro rock. What needs to be emphasized. Indeed, there is less and less artistic daring today. It must be admitted that periods of recession incite people to cling to known, "comfortable" things. It's a natural psychological reflex. It's regrettable, however, that it hampers creative processes.

Previously, VOODOO ANGEL released a video for their Alt-metal cover of MICHAEL JACKSON‘s “Billie Jean” (which was one of the highest singles back in 1983) which is acclaimed on social networks. About it, JLR (lead vocals), said: “The reason why we decided to make a cover of “Billie Jean” is very different. You know that metal bands love to make fun of pop singers during rehearsal sessions and especially after a few beers [laughs]. That day, it was MICHAEL JACKSON‘s turn [laughs]. But for some reason, my Marshall tube amp was no longer connected to the electrical ground! I received 450 volts in the teeth for several seconds. The feeling of burning from the inside is awful! The guys thought I was imitating MICHAEL JACKSON! Well, Chris snatched the power cable and... I’m alive! Patrick gave me first aid with two bottles of Cognac. The liquor of the gods according to VICTOR HUGO! He also decided to take this medicine in solidarity with me. I think that was the moment when the idea of recording this song was born!”

The video of the song "Sin City" - a tribute to the film by QUENTIN TARANTINO and FRANCK MILLER- will follow a few months later, setting the scene with the band in a "comic surrealist", exposing here the resolutely rock-hard-rock face of VOODOO ANGEL. The band members explained : "it's not a cover of the famous ACDC song. This song is an original track that is not intended to appear on the first or second album. Initially, "Sin City" was only intended to be performed on stage. But when we noticed the enthusiasm of the audience during the shows, we decided to record a studio version and to offer it to our fans."

Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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