The Band "Nothing's Permanent" has quickly captured the attention of local music lovers

By Savannah Tennant

Founded in 2015 by Brian Morse Jr. & Conor Herbert the band originally started as a two piece basement jam session. Herbert led the duo through improvised jams with the Grateful Dead, Slighty Stoopid, Sublime and Foster the People. For roughly a month the duo played small shows as a cover band and then the added local drummer David Kinser, soon after bassist Dylan Tilton came into the fold along with guitarist Jacob Bercel. Over the next few years Nothing's Permanent played a lieu of successful shows in front of large local audiences. The band has shared the stage with many local and national contemporaries including The Stroppers (Iowa City, Iowa), Pretty Vague, Mangata (New Orleans, Louisiana), and Riot Pilots (Denver, Colorado).

Much to Morse's dismay: Not all things last forever, and in the summer of 2017 Herbert & Kinser left the band to pursue other opportunities. The band then began writing their own material with a rock oriented direction and released the blues inspired "I've Come A Long Way." The song peaked at Number 7 on KCOS Digital Radio and the band was then given an opportunity to record their remaining music at the highly regarded Spot Studios in Denver. However the band had no material, no direction, the remaining trio disappeared for over 2 years in search of a next musical step.

Late in 2017 Morse and Bercel began throwing musical ideas at each other. Morse's original demos typically share no musical resemblance, often fumbling around from genre to genre, you're never sure what you'll get with this young songwriter. Bercel however immediately possessed an understanding of blues driven rock, often mixing The Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and The Killers into one musical creation. However, the two writers consistently failed to collaborate, often struggling to advance past a single section of the song without a full stop. However the third member of the band seems to facilitate communication with ease. Tilton consistently coaches the other two members into a successful position, finding a way to balance the eccentric ideas of two young writers. 

As the calendar flipped into 2018 the band reappeared in January announcing new material, five months later in May the first single from the upcoming album was released. "Alone Now" (feat. Gingy) is an alternative bopper with driving guitars, a massive chorus, and punchy drums that concludes with Gingy's whaling vocals over a band seemingly exploding through the speakers, the song was quickly shared and distributed over local streaming platforms, with a alternative rock inspired feel this song is sure to get you thinking about who you want to be with when you're all alone.

After a few more weeks, the band then released their most adventurous song "Maroon." With a crunchy guitar, promiscuous lyrics and another explosive chorus, the song shot Nothing's Permanent to the top of the Reverbnation charts. Mixing modern pop concepts, this three minute creation is one most unique singles in the independent music world. Released on June 9th the song is still getting constant playthroughs, and 2 months after the release of the song, the band is still in the Top 100 International Independent Rock Charts on Reverbnation.

With two songs under their belt the band took an aggressive step into the national rock scene by booking a small show with Superior Booking at Cervantes in Denver. At the time, the band was still a relative unknown and riding on the legs of their two aforementioned singles, this was also the first time the band played all original music and to no surprise- the band had a great turnout and played a fantastic opening show in Denver and gained the attention of the entire scene.

Nothing's Permanent is still recording lots of new material with the hopes of releasing a full album within the year. Tentatively titled "I love you, but i don't like you." The band is still very young, very impressionable, and equally opportunistic. One show with these guys and you'll believe in rock music again.
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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