A New Sound Of Rapper Brand Name

Brandon Emery also known as Brand Name was born on September 17th, 1988. Brandon grew up near Cleveland, Ohio. He began making music when he was thirteen years old just a few years before his parents eventually ended up getting a divorce. He used an old windows 98 desktop with the simple program "sound recorder" and the monitor built-in microphone to record his first songs. Music was his only way to deal with the things that were going on in his life. He landed an opening slot at the young age of fourteen opening for "Kotton Mouth Kings" in Cleveland, Ohio. 

He continued making music and even was working on a studio album at a studio in Wadsworth, Ohio in late 2004. The project was unfortunately never completed due to a number of factors. Between pursuing to finish an education and then ultimately getting married when Brandon was seventeen and having his first child on the way, he had to get a job to take care of his new family, he put his dream of being a rapper on the back burner. He still continued to make music for his self as a way of coping with his everyday struggles. 

Then in September of 2018 his wife and him separated. They are currently going through the process of getting divorced. Suddenly Brandon's focus was all in his music. Brandon started putting out lots of new material and finally putting all his emotions and experiences into words. He called it "Real Life Music" . He began searching for his sound. His sound started molding into something completely different. He no longer used any profanity, as he believed, that number one it is only mainly used as filler words, and that it takes more creativity not to use profanity. Secondly he believed that with out profanity he would have the potential to reach a broader audience. He began making songs in a different recording process as well, and not writing anything. He would just record 4 or 6 lines at a timing building a verse until he reached the chorus.

In October 2018 he discovered a techno/rap beat from a producer in Australia.Brandon wrote the producer to ask permission to use the beat and was granted permission.The video for the instrumental was about "Water Pollution" and Brandon had played the video many times listening to the beat. So when Brandon went to record all that kept coming out was things related to water pollution, so Brandon ended up running with it. He then started getting a lot of attention after the release on facebook. He then started getting requests for interviews on numerous facebook personality's lives while playing "Water Pollution" at the beginning of the live as well. Currently the facebook video for "Brand Name - Water Pollution" is up to nine thousand views. 

He completed his first full length album near the end of 2018, also directing and editing three of his own music videos and releasing them independently. He was able to get placement for three of his songs on all the major streaming services by 2019. He landed an opening slot for "Tom Macdonald" on "The Everybody Hates Me Tour" on April 23rd 2019 in Akron, Ohio at the Vortex Concert Club. He kept pushing forward, promoting, recording, mixing and mastering and even booking shows all on his own. He then landed a opening slot for Jelly Roll on June 22nd 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio on "The Crosses and Crossroads Tour" at The Agora. He was finally living his dream!

Then July 2019, Brandon found out that his mother was diagnosed with tumors on her vocal chords. Later being diagnosed with stage two throat cancer. He was recently quoted saying that he is "trying to make his mother proud in the time she has left", so more than ever does he have the drive and determination to pursue his dream. "Music is truly therapy" he said in a recent facebook live interview. 

He is currently working on a new solo album while a joint collaboration album with Controversy from Michigan City, Indiana. He still uses music as a form of therapy and hopes that his words can also help someone else in the process. He continues to keep pushing forward. His style of music is definitely different from most of the current music you that you have been used to.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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  1. Congratulations to you all 😀 I hope you all climb to the biggest mountain and make all that money as well as you making us your fans happy or happier ! You all ready did that !!!! Love y’all !! Y’all are Rockin it 😀👍