The Art Of Eating Hearts With Destiny Siile

With a fresh face but a worn spirit Destiny Siile began her musical journey at a young age. Coming from a small town in Indiana didn’t make for many opportunities in the music industry.. so she did what she could by joining band and choir. She also sang in talent shows and tried out for American Idol & The Voice but says she knew she had a different path. She had always felt a huge tug towards music but never knew how to achieve any kind of success in that field. In 2017 Destiny decided to take matters into her own hands and not wait any longer. She bought a laptop and began teaching herself production. Playing with sounds and diving deeper into her psyche for inspiration on the messages she wanted to share. “A lot of it comes from traumatic events and the darkest of places. I think that’s where the most beautiful creations come from. Darkness is my happy place. Even when it hurts. How ironic.”

Her first record “Eat My Heart Out” was released in January 2019 & she says it’s the first of many. It was inspired by toxic relationships and literally speaking about how all the toxic situations fuel her to create. She also plays with religious themes in the song as she was raised in a Catholic family & finds religion interesting but doesn’t practice. “I like to observe... all things.” She says that she doesn’t want to go too much into the meaning of her songs because to her it could take away from the meaning that someone else finds in it. “I wrote the song when I needed to. What it means to me isn’t what I expect it to mean to everyone. It healed me in the right time, now it’s yours.” 

Destiny is now working on a few EPs and a potential album. She doesn’t do all the production herself but with a little help. “I’ll produce the idea.. and then take it to someone who can make it what I hear in my head. But better... I like when someone can feel me and add to my ideas. Production isn’t an easy thing to pick up for me, so making my ideas sound the way I want them to poses a challenge.” She says she’s looking for someone as passionate about her ideas as she is. “Otherwise you won’t feel the song. And that defeats the purpose. If you’re not feeling something then it’s not music in my book.” She has just finished directing and producing the music video for “Eat My Heart Out” and plans to release it soon to YouTube. She’s also working on her DJ skills and says she wants to play with all different kinds of genres. “I just love electronic & ambient shit so much. I love it all though really!” 
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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