Spectral Alien Hybrid Exteristeral

Spectral Alien started taking an interest in music at a young age. he would be dragging around a piece of cardboard and a boom box challenging local kids to a good old fashioned break dancing competition. He started a crew where wicked tearing it up to artists like neclueus, whoodoni, and Detroit's own super star DJ  the wizard(Jeff Mills). Started writting as a teenager to escape the reality of growing up with strict parents, bad relationships, and just everyday struggles. 
Spectral Stated, "My family made me feel kike I was never good enough even though I was on the varsity soccer,wrestling and track team. I also participated on the denate team and the foresenics team while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. By the time I was a senior I was burnt out and really found my passion in music an an escape so not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life at the time I attended community college for a minute the decided to take all the money my grandmother gave me for college 10,000 to be exact and invested in some DJ equipment a couple turntables and a roland R8 drum machine. I was on my way at 18 I didn't know any better If I only knew then what I know know..haha..I think everyone has at least said that ounce in there lifetime. So i was working with 2 brothers, they helped me all right they helped themselves to all my equipment after putting my own shotgun to my head. Right after this occurred I started hanging out with Bob Richie a.k.a Kid Rock back in 1992-93. He got wind of my music and also heard that I had gotten ripped off by the team I was working with so after a few phone calls I ended up driving to east Detroit and meeting bob at his uncle's house right behind the Busememies party store on gratiot and 9 mile where bob was residing at the time we started making music and eventually.Bob and I eventually ended up in the studio Temper mill studio in Sheffield Michigan to be exact. where I crossed paths will ICP on more then one occasion. It was a short lived friendship/collaboration as bob was picked up by Virgin Records and never saw him again after that. A few years later had a son Devin he is grown now and because I am in a different state and because I am extremely busy working 2 jobs taking care of two dogs and doing this music thing all on my own I am not able to spend the kind of time I would to spend with him, yes I am single and it looks like it will be that way for a while as I just don't have time. I have had 3 serious relationships in my life and all ended in tragedy in one way or another there was Tammy mother of my son a hot headed no nonsense gold-digger Sicilian..need I say more, and there is Jacques Las Vegas big Boobie model that took me to the cleaners she currently resides in Michigan where you will find her casing local 2nd hand stores searching for shoes. Last but not least Jessica 15 years younger then me a drug dealer/escort she really turned my life upside down. 

Let's just say we found love in a very dark place the relationship was very toxic as it was built on drug addiction, insecurities and co-dependency. One night Jessica decided to take a bath as she normally did I got tired and went to bed the next morning I woke up and she wasn't there next to me so I ran to the bathroom and she laid there so peacefully underwater so I snatched her up and frantically started trying to resuscitate her and to no avail I couldn't.  So been basically I've been working on music on and off pretty much my whole life since 1991 and I got  de-railed more often then Id like to admit 3 years ago I almost passed away I was in I.C.U. for 3 months and in for a total 4. Had no symptoms no pain just went into a coma it was Christmas eve and my brother found me on the floor, cause I was planning on taking my family to dinner woke up in the hospital 15 days later with arms and legs tied down cause I guess I was trying to rip the tubes out of me clergy was called in on two different occasions cause I was dieing but I survived the things I saw and experienced where surreal on different occasions I believe I saw the grim reaper at the end of my bed and and he would raise his arm and point his bony finger at a girl who was wearing a paisley mask who was laying down  in my room and I also saw demons guarding the elevators and taunting anyone who would dare to try to enter the elevator and if that wasn't enough I saw the devil he was what we would all expect him to look like 8-10 feet tall red leathery skin black pointy bull horns sitting upon a thrown made of skulls and bones  I stood before him with my black lab saddled over a gelatin with a blood stained slab of steel hanging over her in a deep menacing voice he said if I didn't answer three simple questions he would take my dogs life right before my very eyes at no time did I fear anything and because the devil is very deceiving the three questions he asked I had no answers and because of this he slaughtered my dog in front of me...these and other events in my life have  inspired me to write this song B.F.T.D. (Back From The Dead) always believed that there is a time and place for everything all I can do now is keep writing  producing music and  celebrating life. I have two dogs that bring sunshine to my life everyday Una a 13 year old black lab and buster my 8 year old pit bull terrier without these two beautiful dogs that I was blessed with I don't think my life would be the same they have really taken me out of some really dark places at times. In closing I hope that god will continue giving the gift and skills needed to write and produce beautiful music."
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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