Samantha Paige Lucas Files From Road to Success

By Ashleigh Fry

She was always destined to be a headliner and with her own career as her main focus, she hit the ground running, building her brand and cementing her identity with now years behind her in experience.

Introducing, Samantha Paige Lucas, also known as S.P.L. Hailing from a small town in Perth, Western Australia, this musical powerhouse has lived and breathed music since the moment she could move. Born in July of 1993 S.P.L grew up in the thick of the nineties Pop, RNB culture and was heavily influenced by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Boys 2 Men, Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan and many more. From an early age she started her musical career in school choirs and found a love for acapella in barbershop only using her voice which showcased a natural, raw and effortless talent. 

From here, after performing in televised Christmas Specials and various School talent shows, she moved more toward the band scene where she became the lead singer for a band with her best friends named “Kicks and Colour” and their direction was more Alternative Rock. A taste of artist life gave her the need for more creative control and she became the lyricist and lead singer for a new band formed named “Winters Calling” which focused more on in-depth lyrics with alternative grunge beats, which is where her love of constructing relatable lyrics was born. After many live performances together the band eventually split, she then partnered up with two of her bestfriends she had been in bands with and they created the acoustic trio “Summer Avenue” they wrote originals, dabbled in cover’s and after several performances they  went there separate ways and at last, S.P.L was born!

She was always destined to be a headliner and with her own career as her main focus, she hit the ground running, building her brand and cementing her identity with now years behind her in experience.

For years she had been wanting to start her RNB/Pop journey solo and now was finally time, but feeling like she didn’t have the equipment or know how to start, she used her savings to by a laptop with GarageBand and began to write and record songs. Using the built in microphone and free beats from the internet she put her head down and recorded as often as she could until the day she met a producer who believed in her and her talent who was willing to recreate the beats and turn them into a mixtape. Her manifestation came to life and a producer named A.J Lyriq found her on YouTube singing Nicki Minaj’s ballad “Grand Piano” and asked her to feature in a track named “Secret”. After singing on and helping co-write this successful hit and four years of hard work her first Mixtape “The Ex Files” began to come to life.

It contains 10 tracks and served as a personal diary detailing and describing various relationships she had lived, loved and lost over the years. Each song bringing each journey full circle in an intimate recording that she gifted to the world. During the creation of The Ex Files she featured and co wrote for other local rappers and singers such as B Nasty, Bertie Anderson and Bbanner. S.P.L was then given an amazing opportunity to perform at the quarter time show at the Optus Stadium for the Fremantle dockers home game in Perth through the popular local radio station “Hit 92.9” this stadium has been the stage for the likes of Queen, Eminem, AFL games and much more. Performing for the first time in front of her largest audience yet, 50,000 people watched as she performed a beautiful rendition of Drakes “One Dance” with effortless ease and raw passion and she had a real taste of what could come for the future.

Since that performance she has performed at local shows opening up for local talent and has plans to do more in the future. Aside from performing live she has just released a new song from her latest EP “Foreplay” titled “Catching Feelings” which also features an amazing house remix yet to be heard.

S.P.L comes from humble beginnings, she has worked long and hard to chase her dreams and just like most, has suffered heartbreaks, hardships and setbacks which is what makes her music and lyrics so relatable. She sings often about hurt and pain, about how to be strong and how to move forward as well as move on. Her first mixtape focused heavily on closure and letting go. Her second project is about what’s on the other side of that, the honest and upbeat, fun side of life. The summer vibes with your friends, when you finally realise you feel happy again, single and free.

Her main message that she works hard to get across to her fans is: Break moulds, be yourself, feel your feelings and be empowered.” She writes a lot for women and the LGBTQIAP+ community however she also loves her straight men too and encourages them to be just as bold, brave and confident in who they are but in doing so she hopes to also guide them in respecting and understanding our women, our misfits and our peers.

With raw emotion, talent and true grit, S.P.L is just getting started. So, batten the hatches, gather supplies and prepare yourself, this is your ‘Storm Warning’ S.P.L is coming, are you ready?

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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