RexRed has an intriguing sound that distinguish from other

RexRed has blazed his own path, often setting his face against the mainstream and in doing so, he has secured a niche that is all his own.

RexRed took popular movies that had large cult followings and edited them to mash-up with iconic famous songs. He took the movie Ghostrider and put it to Meatloaf's song, "Bat Out of Hell". He also put the film Gladiator to Queen’s, “We Will Rock You/ We are the Champions”. He put the film King Kong to Guns and Roses song, Welcome to the Jungle.

Though, it was his Ghostrider/Bat out of Hell video that earned RexRed a coveted spot on the Vuze charts in the top 50 videos of all time, his video achieved over 100,000 downloads and it was one of the very few fan-made videos there. RexRed would far surpass that level of success when he started featuring his music and videos on ReverbNation and YouTube.

Then, RexRed began creating gay romance music videos on YouTube and this is when his channel went viral. In 8 months, he received 16 million views and attracted 45,000+ subscribers to join his RexRed – Flock of Angels channel.

As his YouTube channel grew RexRed’s music also moved up the ReverbNation charts to achieve the #6 spot globally in all genres out of 4.5 million+ musicians and subscribers. RexRed now has substantial fanbases on both YouTube and ReverbNation.

His YouTube channel is a love-fest of the nicest comments from his subscribers that he lovingly refers to as “angels” and his videos are the reason why they love his channel so much. RexRed is a master at what he does, and he does it with so much heart and soul. His videos have the knack of bringing people to tears and getting them in touch with a softer side of themselves.

he now has 11 albums of music available in nearly all the major online music stores with one more soon to be released. RexRed’s original music spans many styles and genres so there is surely something for everyone, you are bound to find your new favorite song if you peruse his music offerings. RexRed is the epitome of the all-around solo music artist, he has taken the democratization of music and pursued it to its fullest potential. His music entertain your wildest notions of art and storytelling in multimedia. The artistry of RexRed has and will continue to influence and change the world for the better. what RexRed will produce next as it is always a surprise.

His creative insight is vast and seemingly endless, he is showing no signs of slowing down and his content is still evolving towards even greater heights. He continues to surpass expectations and quite enamored by his vast reservoir of talent. He has lots of humility and he makes himself accessible to his fans. He is always responding to his fans comments and he sets aside time to comment on the content of other artists that he admires.

RexRed also has a few other YouTube channels with some gaming videos and how-to music tutorials. He loves gaming in 4k and live streaming and he often shows the inner working of his music studio and the creative processes behind his art. You can visit his website there you will begin to understand what a great music artist RexRed truly is.
His music has such a universal appeal, it is worth purchasing and collecting his music, avidly listening to it and allowing it to shape your outlook on life. He writes mostly love song and, the world can always use a bit more love…
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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