Ralph Foreign taps into a compelling vibe to create an original blend of rap & hip-hop alchemy.

Memphis, Tennessee resident RowdyProductionz / Ralph Foreign is an excellent example of a rap / hip-hop artist that elegantly leverages originality and composition skills to the service of modern entertainment. The new single 'What's Love' demonstrates remarkable musical styling's that are sure to appeal to mainstream audiences. This artist's constantly original approach is coupled with the right look and the right attitude to become a proper rap / hip-hop-magnet and audiences around the world are beginning to acknowledge the fact that a new creative force has arisen. Where will the journey take this artist from here? Rowdy Productionz was the recipient of the Akademia Music Award for Best Rap / Hip-Hop Song on July 15, 2018 and the Akademia Executive Award on April 21,2019.  We at the Akademia suspect this artist will navigate the future on passionately reconciled terms, given the dedication and skill displayed thus far.

Foreign played all woodwind instruments in Band from Jr. High to College at Mississippi Valley State University.  He got the name "Rowdy" during college because some may say he wasn't a model student.  One of his biggest college highlights was playing saxophone with BB King twice before he passed.  BB King encouraged him to continue mastering his craft.   During 2009 Rowdy created beats in his mom's laundry room using FL studio and more software.  Two of his songs were stolen on the internet and used on VH1 and NBC TV shows.   He family corresponded with VH1 attorneys but lacked the paperwork and resources to proceed legally.  RowdyProductionz was formed along with RowdyBeatz Publishing to handle all copyright, legal, and music business issues going forward.

In July 2016, RowdyProductionz won a Reverbnation song Interview and Promotion contest on Cali's Best Radio Show with Lashaun Turner. In September 2016, RowdyProductionz won his first Akademia Award for the song "Love".   Love theme's continued on  RowdyProductionz's third EP "2-1-4 Foreign" which was released on his birthday February 14, and it spoke to relationships peaks and valleys.   In 2017, A Foreign Summer EP was released which included the single "Give You The World" .  "In Rowdy We Trust III", a collection of some of Rowdy's best instrumentals was released in 2018.

The future looks bright. The new music EP "September Reign" will release this fall. The first single "Take A Picture" is really fresh, unique, and appealing!  The EP has a few similarities to "What's Love" but exhibits more growth and substance.  

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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