Poofy Man’s new album, “Brutal by Design” features a collection of refreshingly creative tracks

Dallas-area Producer-Rapper dropped long-awaited debut solo-project "Brutal by Design"

DALLAS, TX - Chris Nicolaou, known professionally as “Poofy Man,” is a Dallas based hip-hop producer who got his start in 2011 while producing original instrumentals for a kick-start publishing house in far West Dallas. For nearly six-years, he privately amassed an expansive body of work, ranging from experimental hip-hop to full cinematic scores. Until finally, in February of 2017, he emerged from relative obscurity to release his first major project entitled, “Origins” under the alias, ‘Dope Ninja.’ In the six months that followed, Poofy Man drove, a then unranked Dope Ninja to the top of Dallas / Ft. Worth’s Reverb Nation charts, topping out at #3 late that October. He went on to release a spree of hard-hitting trap-styled singles, one of which, “Black Mamba feat. 7 Tha Great” earned city-wide notoriety and earned the rookie-producer first terrestrial radio spin on Power 106.1 Tampa that November.

Poofy Man continued the first-year charge and in November of 2017 was officially accepted into the Recording Academy and incredibly found himself in-the-hunt for a 2017 faith-based Grammy nomination, only to fall short by roughly 2,500 votes. When asked about achieving so much in such a short amount of time, the Dallas native remarked, “...I honestly don’t have time to look up, the things I want to achieve take more than lifetime...so, clearly, I’m a little behind.”
On August 16th 2019, the same introversive Dallas-area hip-hop producer officially added “rapper-performer” to his already impressive professional repertoire released his debut solo-album, “Brutal By Design.” The project marks Poofy Man’s first major release since “Origins,” in 2017 and according to his colleague and manager, Nick Ramirez, the album [Brutal by Design] had been in the works for more than a year.

With “Brutal By Design” being Poofy Man’s first major release as a solo artist, his colleagues, fans and supporters have come to recognize his incessant evolution as an artist. 

The rapper-producer recently garnered praise from looming industry power-player, 7 Tha Great.

“I think he’s reached a level in production where no one else does the music justice but himself [Poofy Man]. He went on saying, “...His growth as a rapper has been fun to watch, I’m proud of him and truly excited to see where he takes it,” 7 said.

Poofy Man grew up in Carrolton-Farmers Branch, a neighborhood just north of Dallas- proper and surprisingly spent his pre-music years as a professional ice-hockey player  in the North American Hockey League (NAHL). Some of his biggest musical influences include Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Skrillex, ASAP Rocky and Lil Wayne.

A natural born entrepreneur, Poofy Man unveiled a three-year passion project called  Phantom City Records back in 2017. The label is currently Dallas’ first and only full- service hip-hop record label. According to Poofy Man the “historic,” title says very  little about Phantom City’s big vision, and more about the sobering state of Dallas’ hip- hop scene.

Using a hand-crafted renegade model, he’s dubbed, “community enterprise,” Poofy Man and his team have been able to provide the city a clean business with a solid corporate structure and a firm commitment to sourcing the community and consolidating talent.

Armed with a similar community vision, 7 Tha Great and his label, FGMG decided to link up with Phantom City in August of 2017 to help establish legitimacy and grow the business, but more importantly to help Poofy Man and his new label navigate Dallas’ foreboding music scene.

“I saw something in their model that I’ve never seen in this city...something Dallas really needs, a true label that puts the music first and wants to help the hip-hop community on a fundamental level,” 7 said.

In the months to follow, both Poofy Man and 7 Tha Great would find themselves at the apex of a citywide hip-hop revival. But, all big visions come with a price tag, which both men pay in time, money and stress every day. 

“Negotiating growing pains is arguably the most exciting part of the process, said Poofy Man, “but I never anticipated the number of obstacles we would have to hurdle.”

Poofy Man’s new album, “Brutal by Design” features a collection of refreshingly creative tracks - all of which, showcase the rapper-producers bandwidth for originality, dynamic word-play and thematics. Keep your eyes out for Poofy Man this year, and check out “Brutal By Design” on all digital platforms!

Poofy Man was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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