Mosesly is back with a new single 'eSprit du système'

Mosesly is a singer/songwriter who creates his own songs while trying to stand out from other musicians and make a big name for himself in the music world.

Originally from Cameroon but living in France, Mosesly is an independent French-speaking artist who was able to find his way in music and develop his own musical style over the years. Since he was young, singing was one of his biggest personal ambitions. For him, making music is not just a pastime or a passion; he has been doing this for more than twenty years. Mosesly is influenced by his African origin and R&B/Soul/ Rap music styles. He started his musical career as a singer-songwriter by writing his own lyrics of his songs from his own musical compositions and he sings in French.

In 2009, he released two single albums “Je t’aime” and “Il y a”. Each of them includes three songs which were first recorded and finalized in two different recording studios in Paris. After his first songs came out, he wanted to go even further. He decided to take time to learn and understand by himself all the details in the domain of musical production before embracing the challenge of self-producing his songs from beginning to end. From writing, composing, producing to mixing and mastering, he is now the very main creator working hard in his own recording studio and with his own label.

Then, from 2016, he started to spread his songs progressively and let people listen to his songs recorded in his own studio. Mosesly has a music style of his own. He produces a mix of Rap styles accompanied with a Soul rhythm which is based on brass instruments with a subtle touch of soft R&B music. His life story and life experiences also contributed to his desire to writing songs and playing music. Through his lyrics and a modulated singing, he tries to share emotions and give advice while sometimes looking the world with a critical eye. Besides his musical creations, he also tries to produce his own music videos.

In February 2016, Mosesly released again the song “Je t’aime” that he reproduced himself. It is a song about a man expressing his feelings to the woman he misses, a song sounding like a declaration of love. Four months later after that song, Mosesly released the new reproduced song “Il y a”. The following year, he finally came back with his very first album with 10  songs. It is entitled “1 HISTOIRE” referring to the title song in the album. The songs of his album deal with various themes of life and its hazards (ups and downs, work, money, sport etc.) with the whole album creating one story as it is said in its title. Mosesly always composes his songs with the aim of giving support to people and also to him to keep being positive in his musical quest. The single “Courons jusqu’au bout du monde” reflects the thoughts he wants to share. It was released on February 2018 and it talks about looking rightfully for who you are and for your happiness to the ends of the world without ever giving up.

Now, Mosesly is back with a brand new single, a song called “eSprit du système”, and released on June 14 th , 2019 . The theme addressed by the song is to call into question the consequences of human act on nature and humanity. He invites his listeners to think over our present world, or literally, to think over the spirit of the system. He is currently promoting his single which has already reached more than 30K of streams on Spotify .

As an independent musician and singer/songwriter, Mosesly is also very active on social media and networking 1 . He shares his music mostly on online music streaming platforms, and they are even broadcast on some French and American radios. However, he does not want to stop here for the recognition of his talents as a musician and to gain attention to a larger number of listeners. He has indeed other projects; one of them is a remix of one of his old songs, which will be revealed soon.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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