Jae Henne is ready for any and everything coming his way

Many recognized him for his saying “Who’s Next”, Jae Henne is ready for any and everything coming his way. A s one of the oldest of two siblings he made a vast decision to move to New Jersey creating an image in the streets Jae Henne found his place in street battles. He Continues on to later write and bring his talent back to Buffalo and record with Deep Thinka Records. Extremely focused on contributing a powerful impact in the music industry. He released his debut album, “Losing Is Not An Opition” on February 23, 2019. 

He Grasped the attention of his fans with his hit single, “Everything’s Glossy”. Losing is not an album expresses people social, spiritual trails and tribulations that we face daily. He chose to reflect issues by coping artistically through music and help oth ers. Looking to inspire lyrically he will become a household name known to many. With following his moto, “Who’s Next” with practicing what he preach god first in all you do the possibilities are endless. He is currently working on his next project entitled “You Can’t Rush Greatness”.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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