Hosemen “Saturday Nite Conformity” mix of rock styles is noticeable

Alt-Rock band Hoseman’s brand new album “Saturday Night Conformity” elevates the band’s music from local barroom grooves to transcendent, anthemic rock n roll. Production by Grammy-winning engineer Richard Corsello (Sonny Rollins, Etta James, Eddie Money) gives the songs new depth and unites ideas that pull from a wide array of influences. Layered guitar arrangements and additional vocal colors make for a nuanced album that’s hypnotic at one moment & bitterly aggressive in the next. The genre-blending band pulls together disparate styles, both chill & heavy to wring emotions out of every track. On their turn, Hosemen with “Saturday Nite Conformity” mix lots 80s rock influences from the post-punk to gothic, but it’s possible to notice even further 

influences as The Rolling Stones, especially on vocals. The meld of post-punk with other features of 1980s rock made Hosemen very near to the early The Cult, which is a band that really appreciate. Even the cover artwork, has this dreamy, erotic vibe which travels you in the early hard rock scene of the 90s when the crossover genre of alternative rock carried the staccato guitar riffs of Punk and the anger of hard rock bands reaching the new decade. Joined by bassist Brien Adams and drummer Wade McManus since late 2016, Quinn has found the right alchemy of musicians & production to launch Hosemen’s magic carpet ride. Band has national tour plans in the works & their unusual brand of rock will be well-received by non-conformists from coast to coast.

Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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