Craig Anscombe gives US something to Believe In

Craig Anscombe is a credible singer/songwriter and producer. His music reflects the lives of the every day person going through life.

Who is Craig Anscombe?
Born in the southern town of Worthing, West Sussex, England – Craig Anscombe began his life in music at the tender age of 12, when he heard Bon Jovi on the radio. The experience was so strong for Craig that he decided to take up playing guitar straight away, to the point where his parents bought him his first acoustic guitar to learn on. As he has put it, the beginnings weren’t as straight forward as he had hoped:
“I was shown 3 chords by my dad and that was it! I didn’t know what they were or how they came to be but that was the point. I was a novice! Green! Wet behind the ears, whatever term you like and If I wanted to have a career or anything like that, I had to learn by myself which meant making mistakes, learning from them and make more mistakes and keep going. I am happy about how it began!”

It wasn’t too long before Craig was in his first band – a 4 piece with school friends but was replaced early on as his playing wasn’t up to the standard that was desired. At the time it was a roadblock, however, Craig felt this was just a small challenge for him to overcome. Over the course of High School, Craig continued to hone his craft – not just on guitar but also delving into the song writing/lyrical world. Writing was always a creative outlet for Craig, whether it was writing stories or general interests that caught his eye. Always remembering his roots, Craig decided to look back to the band that changed his life back in 2001 and began studying the dynamics and structures of writing songs. By this time, a whole host of different artists were in his ears as well such as: Goo Goo Dolls, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many, many others.
2005 brought with it a change for Craig, as this was when he would begin a journey into being, once again, part of a band. But this time would be different as Craig took on 50% responsibility of the creative side of the band from lyrics and production and structure. The band would go on for another year before departures would occur and eventually the break-up, however the experience would be always stay with Craig as It proved his skills were improving and workable.
During the 2006 to 2008, Craig tried to little success of creating another band with local musicians. Frustrated with how his journey was going, Craig decided to enrol on a Music Production course at the local college, ultimately achieving a Nation Diploma in Music production. This gave Craig the experience of recording in a full studio setting. Never one to leave an opportunity behind, the studios after hours rules became a second home to Craig as he began using the studio to improve his skills and knowledge – even bringing in local bands to record their music.
This time brought the past back for Craig, as he began a band with his former bandmate from school called The Black Roses. With a more focussed view and attention to detail, Craig took on sole responsibility of lyrics and 50% of music – depending on how a song came up. Songs like “Here I Am”, “Solitaire” and “So Far Away” were showed the diversity of music that was being produced by the band, in particular the lyrical and melody structures. During this time, many songs were written  that were meant to be for the band such as “Come on Out Tonight” and “Sanctuary Bay”. After a year and half of gigs and changes in line-up, the band called it a day once again.

According to Craig, this time was not as bad for him as it would seem:

“Yeah, The Black Roses broke up and where other people went on to start their new careers in new bands, I decided to stop and check on the situation at hand. I knew that if I wanted to be in a “band” again, it would have to be MY band. I have always had a strong work ethic and dedication to my craft and to others who are involved creatively with me. I had some songs written that weren’t going to be for the band and soon I had enough for an EP!”
The original listing for Craig’s debut EP would consist of – “Come on Out Tonight”, “Sanctuary Bay”, “Hotel 447” and “Someday”. All but one never made it. While creating these songs, Craig had such an enjoyable time with Someday that he knew that one had to be secure – therefore he had to demo it. The demo was a good start but needed polishing, this is where Craig would meet Brian Stephen Adams – a local music producer with a good ear.
Craig, along with Brian of The Knightime Project, recorded his debut EP. During the sessions, which ultimately took longer than desired, new songs were written due to a musical change of direction. The result consisted of: “Someday”, “Night Sky”, “Heroes on The Road”, “Give Us Something to Believe In” and “I’ll Be There”. Released in 2017, Craig began playing in local bars promoting the EP. With a review of high praise by Lakisha Skinner of KlefNotes, and heavily promoted on online radio through various stations – the EP was a success as far as Craig was concerned.
In recent news, Craig has updated his fans on Twitter and Instagram with picture and videos of his long awaited second album, originally entitles 4Sale. Rumours have suggested it was going to be a full band, Rock album but recently indications have led to many believing it will be an acoustic based album with influences of George Ezra and Bruce Springsteen. 

Speaking of the new album: 
“Yes, I am going to be releasing a new album…I am hoping by the end of the year. All I can say is I wrote about 12 songs for he album, some are heavy on production and some are a little looser…it’s funny because life can take you in a lot of different ways and writing about what is current can be tough on you. Unfortunately, that is what happened, and it took a lot out of me, but I am on the other side now and ready.”
Though the he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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