Antonio Enrique transcended many musical styles with Crusing and Beyond

With some fusion and confusion of musical styles, Antonio Enrique has been creating beautiful music from a young age. Starting from middle school to our present time. He combines his Latin roots with all styles of music.

Antonio Enrique has been creating songs for more than 30yrs. In the '70s and early '80s playing percussion in Duquesne University Jazz band and Guitar ensemble. Transitioning into playing drums in rock groups such as Complex Variables and his favorite Max Blast and the Big bang band in which he played the drums and sang, distinguishing them self's from the other groups in Pittsburgh with there songs Little Monsters, Dreaming Girl and Running at Midnite.

When he thinks his music career is over he creates and records Canciones del Alma, a Latin rock compilation of 10 songs that describe the hurt and hope of a better life thru his lyrics. Starting with Yo te dire which is a positive song to start your day with, to Canciones del alma where he closes and mends broken fences that had interrupted his flow.

Antonio Enrique has been an artist that has transcended many musical styles with Crusing and Beyond Cruising in which he combines the sounds of nature with electronic music. Like in Morning Dance in which he combines the sounds of birds singing with his music or Mental Lapse where he uses the sounds of Indian music to create a unique sound. But where he has transcended expectations is in his album "Pensamientos". In this album, Antonio Enrique has combine Rock , Montuno and electronic music. Here he mixes Latin salsa with rock music. Combines different instruments with a traditional rock set up to create a unique sound not explored by many musicians.

With 30yrs under his belt and the creation of 80 plus original songs Antonio Enrique has shown us that no matter the circumstances in life he was born to create and play music. Even though you might not understand the lyrics I guarantee that you will find a song in his catalogue that will make you groove and want to shimmy in your seat.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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