ZenToy A New Musical Journey

ZenToy is an Electronica/EDM music artist based in Brussels. After several experimentations and the release of singles that have enabled the project to find its way, ZenToy released his debut album Best Kept Secret in April 2015.

Best Kept Secret? 
8 days. The album was composed in a hyper-productive short time period, but is also the result of a long journey since the release of the first single Zentai Love. It’s finally a reflection (not without self- mockery) about the difficulty for an “emerging” band to be noticed. The tracklist is like a snapshot of the new business model in the music industry: The number of legal downloads has decreased (Zero Download) and is replaced by the streaming, which often doesn’t pay the artist (Stream Killer). A social networks presence is mandatory, but is also a real struggle to get an optimal exposure (One Billion Bands), and greedy companies with beautiful promises rarely help to reach this obvious but complex goal (Money 4 Fake). The creative process, which should always stay the first priority, is sometimes gradually drowned by the attempt of promotion (No More Fun). Conclusion? Try to keep the feet on the ground and the head in the stars (Star Lover). Expect nothing and be driven by passion! Even if this album remains the… best kept secret.
Zero Download 
The song Zero Download was selected as a finalist by the ISC 2015 listening committee in the “EDM (Electronic Dance Music)” category. With over 18.500 entrants, and less than 2% of all entrants selected as finalists, this was quite a first achievement! 

The feedback on the Web about the song Paradise was also especially rewarding and the video, directed by Row and Jack, was noticed by several medias around the world: The video received two Awards on Beat100.com, and was selected by Bud and Roach for a featuring on their show “The list” (USA). Thanks to Music Xray, the video was also selected to be featured on Who?Mag and DMTV websites (USA), and was approved for broadcast on the DJ Central TV global music TV network (Australia). The music itself was in a festive mode, but told another story through the video. Paradise… Is it a place on earth? Could it be taken away from us? It’s maybe memories of forever lost moments, or just a summer cocktail on a sunny beach… Besides the “Short drink” and “Long drink” mixes, several reinterpretations by other artists of the Rainbow Mode Records roster: The Virgin Dolls (Electro), Skypearls (Trance), The Fool Lovers (Deep House) and Mode Orchestra (Down Tempo). A specific alternative version was also composed for Stoorm, a video game developed by Garage Monkey. Each remix was built from scratch and conceived as the original version. A quite unique approach! 

Mad Love 
The next step? ZenToy will release his second album in 2019. Unlike the debut album, realized over an extremely short period of time, the creative process for “Mad Love” took more than two years. Why? There are similar sounds to those found on “Best Kept Secret”, but the way the tracks were composed has totally changed. Concretely, instead of systematically using binary rhythms, running around the same BPM, the entire album was conceived on the basis of live drums, BPM variations, and the use of chords. But the biggest change is the addition of vocals that gives the project a complete new dimension. As a result, a more organic approach, for an amazing new journey!

To mark the break with the previous album, the first single taken from “Mad Love” was an obvious choice: “Melancholia”. Melancholia: “A feeling of deep sadness; melancholy”… Besides the artistic approach, from a more personal point of view, it’s also the snapshot of the end of a relationship and mixed feelings we can go through. Is it really the end? Was there anything else we should have tried? Finally, what will remain of it? And above all, how to let go and move on? An amazing video sublimates the subject of the original track, telling the story of a girl who seems lost in her past. She’s probably exploring the territory of a love forever gone. Likewise the empty pool, the time of passion seems to be definitively over. Emotions are overwhelming her and it’s heartbreaking. Can she be happy again?
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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