ZayNAM Pulling Rank

Full name Jose’ David Shilunga better known by his stage name Zay was born on the 3 rd of April 1996. He was raised by a single mother and grew up with three of his four siblings. He attended primary school at Gammams Primary School and went to Rocky Crest High School in the capital city of Namibia Windhoek for his secondary education. Growing up he was always facinated by art from sketching to music, influenced by 90’s and early 2000’s rap. Zay always considered Eminem to be one of his favourite rappers due to word play, flow, lyrical and story telling abilities. He started off rapping on his cousin’s beat boxing whenever they went over for the weekend and took it a step further by battling in high school. His first time on stage came in high school when he performed at his school’s beauty pegeant’s preliminary round. That’s when he said “I love the thrilling feeling of performing infront of a crowd it makes me feel alive” from that moment on he knew he was made for the stage. After high school he did a few mixtapes and had a couple of features which includes Courtney Cash (USA) and NvBlacking (Angola). In 2017 he released two singles on namibiamusic.com titled Ndoto digali that translates to pipe dream in Swahili and skelm that translates to sly or cunning in Afrikaans. The following year he released his first official EP titled Between Places which consisted of eleven tracks.

Between places [EP] break down 
Let’s start off with the main song of the project titled Between places. The song has a dark theme filled with hopes, what if’s?, contemplations, a take on how society expect a rapper should live like and social issues.
One in a milli featuring Danilou composed by Zay, produced by Snare and vocals done by Zay and Danilou is an afro pop song showing appreciation to the qualities of women. Pain featuring Rawvic is about his childhood growing up without a father, situations he encountered and contemplations on how it would’ve been if his father was around. Light show featuring Mike entails on the stage lifestyle and how the crowd makes him feel like he is on top of the world every time he performs plus all the thrills that comes with the night life. Show me has a take on how most of the new age rapper sounds the same and have no relevant content with the mumble rap style and auto tune. Saucy featuring Mike is a song about that girl everybody wants that always looks like a million dollars. Represent is a track about him pulling rank and representing where he grew up.  Hello world’s beat was made by Franswitt a close friend of his, in this song he basically introduces himself to the world, thanks his mother for all the sacrifices and talks about how the world feels to him. In late night featuring NvBlacking he talks about the night life, the thrills and how much he likes it. Luv ya ma is a song that he again dedicates to his mother to show appreciation for all the sacrifices she made for them while growing up and everything he hopes to do for her when he "blows" up. My queen is an afro pop song he dedicated to his crush who remains anonymous. In the song he made it seem like they are in a relationship and how much he likes the idea of them being together.
He founded his clothing brand Kasi swagg in 2014, the brand represents those that dare to live and the young at heart. He was a finalist at the IMTA talent search 2017 and is currently ranked number one on reverbnation.com rap chart for Windhoek. He gets booked for local shows and at night clubs, one of which was recently the Royaltee fashion show, Kapana festival and the official launch of Tornadoes 2.0.
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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