WireSky diversity is their strength

WireSky is an all original band based out of scenic Hillside, Illinois, the land of cemeteries and awnings and very few hills. WireSky is Eric Clapton meets Sheryl Crow meets Tom Petty. WireSky is badass, sexy, criminal, irreverent and sometimes stumbling drunk. WireSky is mystical, magical, soulful and intense. WireSky is punk’s younger sister on Cruise Control. WireSky is like the Beatles on Like A Needle. Octopus is like Led Zeppelin if Stevie Nicks was their lead singer. Turn Around is Nirvana in suburbia. Scene of the Crime is film noir. And Let’s Ride is kind of Golden Earing-ish. WireSky has its roots in humble Addison, Illinois. It started in the early 1980s when Mike Croschere met Sean Behen at Glee Club at Addison Trail High School. There is some debate as to whether Mike and Sean were actually in choir, but they did come together in a musical way. Their first band together was called Joe’s Kitchen. Joe’s Kitchen did a mix of covers and originals, written by Sean and Mike. Mike and Sean shared a love of camping, drinking, hiking, drinking, playing guitar and drinking. The two went their separate ways in their 20’s due to, you know, life.

Mike met Gintas Buinevicius in 2012 or so at the famous Fest for the Beatles in Rosemont, Illinois. The two realized right away that they shared a great love for the Beatles and all types of music and so they began working together in many different formations. Mike and Gintas formed a Beatles tribute band called the The Ralleys. Barb had previously been in Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks tribute bands, and these influences show up in their WireSky songs. Mike and Gintas were running an open mic at JD Muggs in Addison in 2013 where they met the beautiful, angelic voiced Barb Olson. Barb was a single mom at the time, with two teenagers, so music was a part-time endeavor. Mike did join BarbWire, an ongoing cover band led by – Barb. In 2014 or so, Barb began writing songs with the beautiful songstress Aileen E. They sat around a coffee table and exchanged lyrics and ideas for songs. Some of these songs were 20 years old and had never been worked up or recorded. Mike joined the group on guitar – and he is a real guitar player.
One night Barb and Mike went to Braurhaus and saw Dead Freddie – a punkish type band with Gintas on drums. Barb noticed the crowd bopping their heads  along with Dead Freddie and thought to herself, this is cool. Barb asked Gintas to write a Dead Freddie type song, and the result is WireSky. And so the band name was chosen. Sean joined on lead guitar around this time period. WireSky played out and met the fabulous and famous Makalu Gee. Makalu added a straight ahead yet floppy type of drumming. Thomas Schukay came on board and played bass like a madman. Aileen’s husband Bruce joined in on percussion. This form of the band played a backyard party and had a wonderful time and sweated their balls and ovaries off. Makalu Gee found success with his other band, Convoy and had to move on. Mike Marzillo came on as Steady Eddie drummer with the affectionate name of Casper, the friendly ghost drummer. Tom left to get married and Mario Bounincontro started playing his bad ass, left handed six string bass and gave the band some street cred. Eventually Mario had to leave due to work, and the famous Dennis O’Dowd joined WireSky on bass. Dennis was found on the side of the road somewhere near Boston. He used to be the Wedding Singer. Gintas is now on drums and WireSky has circled back around.

The strength of WireSky is their diversity. Some of the songs are old, some of the songs are being written now. Some are slow, heartbroken songs, and some are rockers. Their videos are stunningly beautiful, featuring Taylor Olson. They have one positive song, called The Positive Song ~ Wisdom & Love, with lyrics by Barb, written to celebrate the good things in life. WireSky is releasing their five song EP next week, titled Songs in the Key of Zebra. They plan to include a song or two showcasing all the previous and current members of the band.

The band was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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