Who is Carley Carpenter?

Fresh, fierce, fearless…    that’s what anyone would call a freshly 22-year-old graduate who up and moved to California with two suitcases, a couple hundred dollars, and no place to live just two months after graduation from a cozy, comfortable, small town in Texas.     Essentially homeless yet unafraid, Carley relied on her faith and intuition that this is where she needed to be. A few days later, she moved into a house on top of the Bay with 25 other young adults determined to make their dreams come true in the city of San Francisco. After getting settled into her new day job, Carley worked vigorously writing music about her time spent navigating the ups and downs, emotion, love stories and the heartbreaks of a blue-haired-college girl transforming into a young adult.    Carley refined her sound over the course of two years before releasing her first single, It Takes Two. Her music consists of moody pop songs with sad lyrics yet upbeat melodies that reflect the emotions of any twenty something. 

With a whirlwind few years Carley has managed to release a string of five singles and two music videos. Her biggest hit, Lion, spurred a music video release just last month. Carley wrote the feeling strong anthem for anyone needing an uplifting musical boost. “I wrote Lion after calling it quits with someone I really admired. I felt empowered and wanted to write a song about breaking away from something that was no longer serving you. It was a song saying ‘if you don’t want to give me your reasons, that’s okay I’ll just give you mine.’ I gave myself closure in the only way I knew how, by writing a song. It was comforting to see how relatable it was to both men and women,” Carley said.
Like Lion, most of Carley’s songs have recurring themes of wanting to stay true to an authentic self while figuring out hardships, heartbreak and any other emotions that come with growing up. Carley’s sound has evolved from including slower melodies and twangier vocals that reflect her upbringing in a small town to faster beats with lyrics containing life lessons. “Heartache is something everyone goes through. I like to write music that makes people feel better, like they’re not alone. Everyone is worthy of feeling like we’re all in this together.” Carley said.

Growing up Carley listened to a majority of country music where she truly began to appreciate the art of storytelling with music. “I grew up on country music so almost felt obligated to sing it. It was forceful and unnatural to me but I attempted it anyway throughout my teenage years. It wasn’t until I was twenty years old where I said ‘Okay. My heart is in pop.’” While her style of song is a little different, now she frequently uses the same style of telling a story with her songs that she learned growing up. “I adore country music because there’s always a story being told. I thought maybe I could just bring that with me into the pop world. My roots really played a solid role in giving me a great foundation for writing.”
Carley always appreciates her past but looks towards what will come next for her music. Whether singing or writing, music has always held a large hold on Carley’s life. “I am living out of hotel rooms and constantly writing music. I’m singing into my phone recorder in public places then picking up my guitar and turning them into songs,” Carley said. Learning the front end of music has peaked Carley’s interest as well. She plays on becoming a one woman powerhouse soon enough.

“I recently started getting into the production side of music. It’s hard to convey what I hear in my head to another person so I thought I would just take a stab at doing it myself. It’s been challenging but a lot of fun so far. I have so much to learn! I plan on releasing many more singles and music videos because it’s just what I love to do. Art is essential to my wellbeing and I don’t plan on slowing down,” Carley said. Carley’s music is now available on most streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify. 

She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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