Trebor Releasing New Album “Midnight Mindset” After Strong Singles

Born as Robert Jude Abramson, Trebor grew up in Union City, New Jersey. Trebor started writing at a very young age. Writing plays and short stories in school was one thing he was genuinely interested in. By age eight, Trebor began to write very basic songs for fun with basic rhymes until he heard rappers like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar that showed him that you can do much more with words than what he was writing. From that point on, Trebor continued to improve his craft, making many songs over the past years. However, it wasn't until only recently with his first track, “I Wish”, where he felt that it was right to start his rap career. Trebor creates rap songs that are a lot more personal so listeners can relate more. “I Wish” released in December 2018. “I Wish” shows a more vulnerable side of Trebor. He raps about all his insecurities with a slow and mellow flow. His second single, “Soaring”, released in January 2019. “Soaring” showcases more of Trebor’s lyrical ability. With rapid-fire delivery, Trebor raps about wanting to soar high in life in a different way which is through rap. Trebor’s third and final single, “Happy Today” released in March 2019. “Happy Today” featured singer Breana Marin on the hook. “Happy Today” gave the upbeat song that Trebor wanted to release. Trebor raps about how society should not dictate what makes you happy. It is a song with the message about being yourself and being okay with your insecurities. In April 2019, Trebor released a remix over Travis Scott’s “SICKO MODE”. Trebor crafts an onslaught of bars over the course of a tightly written six minutes. At the end of the remix, he reveals the title of his 2019 album, Midnight Mindset.
Midnight Mindset is the debut album for Trebor. Along with the singles, “I Wish”, “Soaring”, and “Happy Today”, Midnight Mindset will feature another eleven tracks. Trebor got the name Midnight Mindset from the fact that he always wrote and recorded late at night. The first song written for the album was written all the way back in December 2017. Back then, Trebor wasn’t named “Trebor”, he went through plenty of name changes until he settled on Trebor which is Robert backwards. A lot of the album is based on events that happened around 2017 through 2018. Trebor raps about his own personal problems in life to problems around him in society. Each track on Midnight Mindset are meant to be very different from one another and stand out to show the versatility of Trebor’s rapping skills. He writes for every emotion whether the listener just wants to vibe with mellow lyrics like on “I Wish” or get a bit more intense with complex lyricism on “Next Up.” Trebor showcases his storytelling skills on the absurd track “Pep Rally” where he tells a story about when he was in high school skipping his first pep rally. There are even emotional tracks like “Dying Days” where he raps from the perspective of his grandfather who is, unfortunately, on his last days. Each of the fourteen tracks on Midnight Mindset have very distinct production. From the chilling piano on “Stopped Breathing” to the hard-hitting trap beat of “Cut Off”, each tracks gives the listener a unique experience. Even on a track like “Drunk” has a beat switch in the middle of the song to give the variety of instrumentals needed to always entertain the listener with something new and fresh on every track. Trebor raps with a message or a story and if it’s neither, then it’s some complex rhyme scheme or all of those combined. Trebor does not always love the messages or lyrics in a lot of today’s rap. For this reason, he even includes a skit named “Rip That” where he pokes fun at a lot of rap that releases today in a very crude and absurd way that makes it all the more fun for it’s over the top nature. Midnight Mindset has been Trebor’s focus for a year and a half, but with his love for rap, in a way, it’s been his focus for most of his life. 
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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