Sierra Marie has had an inspirational journey to get to where she is today

Syrie, (Sierra Marie Williams) is an 19-year-old alternative singer-songwriter and guitarist from Fairfield CA, which is located in the Bay Area. She was brought up listening to all genres of music which led to her unique sound.  Growing up she had a history of severe headaches that got worse as she grew older. By the time she got to junior high school, her headaches had worsened and her pediatrician suggested she get an MRI to see what was causing her illness. It was revealed that she had four floating Arachnid cysts on the brain and one attached to her nervous system on the base of the brain. This explained her constant headaches and migraines which led to her having emergency brain surgery to relieve the cyst of fluid pressure.   After recovery, Syrie had to be homeschooled from that point forward. It was during this time that her mother noticed that Syrie was becoming more and more despondent and depressed. She could no longer play soccer or run track anymore, which she loved doing. Her mother suggested that she should start writing about her feelings and putting it into words. She could use her anguish, heartache, and pain to inspire and motivate others.
As she was spurred on and encouraged by her parents to write more and more she nurtured her talent and honed her craft. She performed her very first song, “No Need to Cry”, which depicted the challenges she was experiencing during her illness. It was debuted at a Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit in Point Richmond, CA, This took place several years ago and the heartfelt performance of her emotional song brought everyone to tears.  Life was going relatively well until she experienced another setback. This transpired when she contracted an unknown virus which resulted in having her gallbladder removed. Of course, resilient Syrie was set back for a mere moment, a whisper in time. Soon thereafter she was on the mend again. She continued her homeschooling which allowed her time to continue perfecting her craft, her gifts of writing, singing and playing guitar,  Ultimately, this led her to compete against more than 100,000 contestants which landed her a spot to perform before the American Idol celebrity judges. The audition earned her a golden ticket to Hollywood to compete against the remaining 180 contestants. Her hard work and tenacity were rewarded by a brief appearance on their farewell season last year.   Afterwards, she was interviewed by the Bay Area local news radio station KCBS in San Francisco CA, by Emmy Award-winning journalist Mike Sugerman. The interview was in regards to her experience with American Idol and her medical challenges.
Syrie performs at local coffee houses, pubs, senior care centers and private events around the Bay Area. She writes, performs and produces her own music and her goal is to become a sought-after singer, songwriter, producer and actress. Her quest is just beginning. However, the rewards and accolades are already becoming very apparent!  She states: "I am not looking to be a one-hit wonder in this music industry! My goal is long-term/ longevity when it comes to my career and direction that I want to go in this business!!"  
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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