Revelstoke: Small Town Canadian Rock Band Gaining Traction

Four months ago, young teen band Revelstoke formed in the small Canadian town of Tottenham, Ontario. Comprised of brothers, Nicholas (17) and Vincent (18) Eagan, and Gray Laine (16) and Cash (20), they have just released their sophomore EP “Imagine That.” Recorded in their local Waking Life Studios, the five-track EP dropped on March 24.   The first revisions of Revelstoke formed roughly 3 years ago, when the full lineup got together to perform a tune in their high school talent show. They had all begun learning their instruments years prior, and they all had a shared love of 90's rock. These jam sessions brought about a few original tunes and some rough covers, but nothing ever came to fruition. “We weren't as skilled, motivated, or prepared back then,” says Vincent, “We were just having fun making music.” After drummer Cash left high school to attend University, these jam sessions died away and the band went on an unofficial hiatus for a few years, only getting together once every few months to jam around campfires and in basements. However, in late 2018 the passion for music rose up again in the members. “Nick started writing some awesome songs, and I knew we had to do something with them” Gray remarks. The members of the band were slowly drawn back together as jam sessions began to once again take place, and soon they decided that they would dive into the world of recording. 
On the new EP, Revelstoke delivers their own unique take on the 90’s rock sound, drawing inspiration from bands such as Pearl Jam, Our Lady Peace, The White Stripes, Nirvana and Radiohead. The result is refreshingly original with enough familiarity to evoke a sense of 90’s nostalgia. The record's lead track 'In Your World' showcases vocalist Nicholas Eagan's unique, raw, gravel-edged voice, and is perfectly complemented by the band's tight, melodic instrumentation. The song was inspired by “...a close friend. It is about the difficulties people face in life and how we all struggle. And how we don’t have to let these struggles take a hold of our life and we can work through our problems.". The other tracks featured on the EP demonstrate the band's versatility, ranging from storytelling ballads to punk rock jams. The band also previously self-produced their debut single entitled Radio City, a driving rock n’ roll tune, as well as a live acoustic EP entitled The Macware EP. This EP features the lead track “Suzie”, an acoustic 90's style love song. Their complete catalogue can be heard on all major streaming platforms.

Frontman Nicholas is the band's primary songwriter. Nick began with writing poetry years ago, and once he learned to play the acoustic guitar his poems transformed into melodies and songs. “I like to write about simple things, like things that are going on in my life, people I meet or relationships I've had.” says Nick. “Having a definitive message is important, but I like to leave my lyrics open for some interpretations.” Though Nick writes the basis of the songs, the rest of the band members are involved in the songwriting process, and the song “In Your World” was written by bassist Vincent. 
With Nicholas and Gray still in high school, Vincent working, and Cash finishing up his second year of University in Ottawa, the members very busy and time to write, record, and practice is limited. Once the summer comes and school is out, their music will become a priority. The band has a slew of local gigs in and around Toronto planned for the summer. They also plan on recording 12 new songs that will make up their debut album by August. With fire in their hearts and a dream to chase, these young musicians show no signs of slowing down!

The band was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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