Joe Melillo: Return of the renaissance man

He's a computer programmer by training.  He’s a mentor for inner-city high school students.  He's an actor for fun.  He's a children's author by inspiration.  Most importantly, he was born to be a singer/songwriter. Joe Melillo uncovered his talent and passion for music relatively late in life.  He is a mainstay on the New York City Bar Karaoke Circuit (yes, there is such a thing), singing with many different bands throughout New York City, especially his home neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  However, his talent needed to be honed and refined, so he sought out his vocal coach, Janie Barnett.  It was Janie who also exposed him to the world of songwriting.  Allowing him to discover his own voice and his own technique for writing, Joe has authored over one hundred songs in many various styles.
Joe’s most noteworthy compositions include:
Tree To The Sky”:  A Christmas song with a different slant, it is the first ode to The Rockefeller Center Holiday Tree. 

Parker The Platypus”:  A children’s song Joe was inspired to write out of the blue when he woke up one morning.  The song was an immediate hit among his fan base, so he decided to create his first children’s book from it.  He selected his niece Sam Melillo to illustrate it when she was nine!  The song inspired an entire album of thirteen songs about Parker and two other children’s books based off two of those songs (“Parker Helps Hubert The Hippopotamus” and “Parker Befriends Bertram The Bat”)
Climb High”:  A song dedicated to iMentor an organization for which Joe has served as the longest-serving volunteer mentor.  The mission of iMentor is to encourage inner-city high-school students to pursue secondary education.  It accomplishes this by pairing those students with college-educated mentors.  The main form of communication is through e-mail, which allows mentors to easily fit the required communication time into their daily lives.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of this song go directly to iMentor, which is why that song is the one he most encourages people to purchase.

They Never Wrote About Elizabeth”:  A song he has yet to record, Joe wrote this soon after starting to date his current (and, hopefully, last) girlfriend, Elizabeth.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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