The Italian rapper, born in Basilicata, entered as a child in the hip-hop movement, driven by the love of writing, he formed the first crew in 2001 (rlk) shrewd stuff, from there between tag, trap and paint inserted in the cradle of the basilicata hiphop in the arcades of Potenza, joining the sloppy troupe (ZC), always driven by the desire to learn fast lines and the technique of cutting and sewing, between 2004 -08 he formed its current crazy psychopathic crew. In 2009,he was arrested for the first time, on charges of resistance and drug dealing, after an evening chase after returning from Secondigliano to Naples. On September 4, 2009 the release from the Bethlehem prison, located in Potenza, was born he argued from the first day against the abuses, the fascist movements and the “ecoomafioso busoma to the detriment of the southern Italians”. immediately began to look for the evolution between jam battle and showcase. overcoming the obstacle of a year, he moved first to Brussels, then to Dusseldorf and then back to Italy in Naples. where he found himself catapulted into a hip hop culture very rooted in a place accompanied by lights and shadows, 
with Vesuvius watching you in his power, in 2014 he is ready with his first mixtape (Nevrosi) published, anticipated by his first video (Motivi e Rabbia). Finding a positive response immediately he went to Salerno to record yet another mixtape (SenzaSang) . A project dedicated to Giovanni Cassano in art joe Cassano, Italian-Bolognese rapper and stamped with the zulunation logo in homage to the real school and its flag. But the project came out of a thousand difficulties, in fact after registering it he found himself running after the third arrest, where he found himself face to face with the death between barracks and prison in Rome. However, on November 25 the mixtape comes out, but can only present it in 2017. where it is launched on all the open microphones of Italy that want to give it a space, in 2018 the first official album (Soul-Out) to follow in March 2019 comes out (Nisciun) the second official project that anticipates by a few months the first release in which the rapper is put to the test with Italian and English texts with an ep of 8 songs called (You Make me) soon available this year. 
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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