Mickey Da Don - Famous

A brand new single that combines the grit of hip-hop and the melodies of pop music.
Mickey Da Don is an artist and performer with a unique approach to his music. His sound embodies a wide range of styles, ranging from hip-hop to pop, and even R&B. Recently, Mickey unleashed a brand new release: “Famous.” This song has a fresh and inspiring vibe, tipping the hat off to influential performers like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z, only to mention but a few.

On this song, Mickey Da Don definitely embraces the “less is more” philosophy here, seamlessly achieving a massive tone, without overdoing it and loading up the song with way too many elements. Since the mix is not overly crowded, the song feels spacious and lush, with plenty of room for every element to really stick out.Mickey Da Don has a keen ear for great hooks and massive beats. “Famous” has a larger-than-life feel, almost hitting the speaker in a big cinematic way. These sounds are very catchy, and immediate, rather than just focusing on a melodic line to remember. “Famous” has got many layers, which really allow the artist to achieve an extra sense of depth, making for a strong and balanced tone.
One of the most amazing things about “Famous” is most definitely the vocal work. There are many great ad-libs that add so much more depth to the track, and more importantly, they lock in with the main beat to absolute perfection. The vocals are indeed the cherry on top here, and they can almost be described as a sort of trademark for Mickey Da Don, since they are so distinctive and one of a kind!
The song also comes in with a unique music video, which lends a great visual complement to the song! What’s really great about this clip is that it gives a genuine portrait of the artist, and it really matches the vibes of the song!

Fans of artists like Joey Bada$$, LiL Wayne or Kendrick Lamar are definitely going to enjoy this particular release. “Famous” has got all it takes to make its way onto your heavy rotation!

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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