MayDay: End of today’s music, or just the beginning of another?

How do the new styles take over the world? No one knows it truly, but these guys surely got the vibe. Boys in the MayDay are not the old men of the mountains, honestly, this is a brand-new band with more strength, passion, and ultimate danger for the heart of the young ladies, than anyone in decades. Not a surprising fact, because their live shows and feeling bring back the energies of the legendary 80s, however the music itself not really. Then how does it work for them?
Let’s start it, but back to the bases first. So, what the heck is FROM? It’s the new essence of the 21st century, a style named by MayDay, but as they said, it has already existed, however nobody admitted it. The main feature of it, that it does not have any main feature. Maybe there is a sound, can identify the MayDay itself, but not this style, because its most important nature is every song can contain any previous and any coming musical genres on different ways to make music, which is always changing, and can’t be identified by any other styles. Firstly, it sounds impossible and unfulfillable, but if you watch 2-3 different shows from these guys, you will believe in, that nothing’s impossible. Their music is bendable between every genre, from pop, hip-hop and electronic to rock, latin, or even classical music and metal, jazz, blues, R&B, or anything you want. They are using this advantage very softly and harshly at the same time. Every song can keep its own identity, but sounds completely different from concerts to concerts, and the two things, which influence these changes, are the other artists of the show, and the audience itself of course. If the people want to hear something calm, MayDay just change the original track list, or change the energy level of a stronger song, and keep it smoother. If the folks are up to the party, the band senses it, and the concert hall immediately turns into a dance floor, and if the crowd wants to rock, these guys are going to rock as none of other bands rocked the clubs since long ago. They can play together with pop, or hip-hop teams, rock, or metal bands, honestly, they can place themselves everywhere, to be in the same side of the book with the other artists of the show, but never give up their own sound. They are using a very unique show and view elements, but everyone has to see it, cause in words it can’t be described perfectly anyway I want it. But is it enough? Can a band really keep its fan circle while they are so wild ranged in music? Is it a good idea? I don’t know exactly, but they do it and it’s working to them, and the answer for why, is very simple. They are not making every kind of music. MayDay just plays FROM.
Done with the music, what’s the next? Of course, the aims. Boys in the MayDay does not take themselves in the spotlight directly, neither their music. The real spotlight is on the (as they said) most important thing, that can be important in an artist’s life. It is the crowd, the people who gives us the chance to be somebody. The people who helps us with their energy and presence on every single show. One of the MayDay’s ultimate goal is “to be the greatest legends of music ever, like no one was, or will be on the planet, to share this respect with the rest of the world, to show others, that no one can disregard the people around him, cause they make an artist real, the crowd lifts up a star, and the star without a crowd is the real nobody.” It’s a very special quest, and I like it so much if I may say it, but back to the topic. MayDay’s first EP (Something for the future) came out just two weeks ago with four, more than catchy demo songs in an alternate style, and their second one (Something for the past) are going to be out until the end of April. It’s going to be a little reminder of the 80s with some classic rock’n’roll, arena sounds, and balladistic features. They are planning three more EPs using on them more electronic sounds, stunning bass, rap and hip-hop parts, and some experimental moments and crazy vibes. Next to these a lot of smaller and bigger  gigs in different countries of Europe are on the way, because MayDay’s very strong, or maybe the strongest side is the live show.
They have a kind of unfamiliar social activity. An international group of fans, bands, artists, professionals and music lovers started by the lead singer of the band, where MayDay is the flagship of this initiative which is called ANTI-PLAYBACK SOCIETY. People co-operates in this team wants to show everyone else, that going out from our rooms to hear and watch live music in clubs, avenues, gigs, events, arenas, festivals, etc. is cool, because there’s still remained artists, who can make fantastic, and powerful concerts, where you can get experiences and memories what at home is unreachable. This group of people are trying to give back the music and club life the worth for people to visit them all around the globe. They are making an online video campaign, where a lot of different musicians and producers work together, to get in this association, because to be the member of it is equal to the fact, that you can do on the stage at least as much as you promise with the studio or even more. They try to make people understand, that the only “perfect” live show is a playback show, cause actions on the stage cannot be the same everywhere to the studio, and the differences, mistakes, the moving of energies, and the will of people playing the concerts make a live show better than any of the records. The followers of this society are the Red Rogues (which is basically the name of MayDay’s fans) and from the very start of the MayDay’s musical life, they and their fans were using red scarfs as symbols of their joint will for something unique, and real music, which everywhere became the sign if the Red Rogues of ANTI-PLAYBACK SOCIETY. It is crazy and unbelievable, when they are waving with these scarfs, like flags for real music on a concert, where you can understand, that the crowd is happy, because they got something unique. When this association will be world-famous, I would like to be there at the first arena show, where the Red Rogues rule the place like a huge joint force of will for a good concert.
Little bit more about the guys. At this time three men forms the MayDay. Three very different personalities, who fit perfectly to each other. Let’s start with the youngest, the beat of the band, the heart of the sound, the blonde tornado behind, or sometimes before the drums, one of the first mates, Georgie. His past musical life is not as long as their friends, but despite of his disadvantage in experience their passion for music replace this handicap. On concerts basically you can catch him at the back as a drummer, but if the tide is turning, you can see him as bassist, or a crazy beatbox machine, backing vocalist, anything that’s needing. Now, let’s go to the greatest one, and not just with his most complex musical history in the band, but his stunning height, Ritchie, the Lion King. Originally the guitarist and backing vocalist first mate of the MayDay is in the music more than 10 years. With unlimited effects and ideas, with only his guitar, he can make a perfect sound, to any song, any style, any situation and any kind of heart in women’s chests. Not a surprising fact, cause with his confident, calm, and charming character, easily become the favorite of the crowd, mainly after a hot guitar solo. And finally, we got the captain, founder of the band and its creative manager, the wolf with deep look in the front, singer and main songwriter of the band, who usually can be catched on stage with his guitars (the classical Elisabeth, or electronic, balck&white Heartbreaker), behind the piano and keyboard, or just with running up and down with his microphone “staff”, and firing up the crowd for making a greater heat for the show, Mr. too calmly restless, the wild one, Adam. Three totally different personalities, who can fill the space in the holes between them, and make MayDay a really special band, with a presence on stage like no one else.
And what about now? Guys from MayDay try their best. They are stuck in the question of how to get the deal they are working for. MayDay is unfortunately still unsigned despite of their very impressive plans, powerful live shows, catchy portfolio and the fact, that the only thing is between them and the fulfilling of their musical ideas is a chance of spending a real time in a grand  studio. While looking for a manager and record label they can work with, which one does not want to fool them, but can help them to step up to the top of the stairs, this band works so much harder and with greater passion for their aims, dreams, music, fans, so for everything a real musical legend is living for, than anyone I’ve seen before. Of course, it’s just my opinion, but a band, that is still not a year old, and reached things like this only with its own strength is remarkable.
The band was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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