Introducing Brooklyn’s Wild Manes – Throwback Harmonies with Indie Energy

As a musician in New York City, wallowing in obscurity is par for the course. Between balancing your day job to make rent, hemorrhaging money on a practice space you can barely fit in, and dragging your equipment up and down the subway stairs to get to a gig that might pay you in free beer, it just takes a little more out of you. And that’s why making music in NYC must truly be a labor of love if you’re going to make it happen. That’s the story of Wild Manes. Lindsey Nadolski and Heather Santana started Wild Manes after playing for years as backup singers in a friend’s band. They perfected intricate three-part harmony, and after that band dissolved, it only seemed logical to work on music of their own and expand on the soul and sound they had worked so hard to refine. To round out the band, they called on Steve Burton, a bass player Lindsey knew from college, Terry Campbell, a friend-of-a-friend jazz drummer, and CJ Knowles, Heather’s brother and a guitar player who had played with Lindsey and Steve in many projects throughout the years. After a revolving door of singers, they landed on Jocelyn Conn, a coworker of Lindsey’s husband at the Daily Show, to complete the group.
Time Out NY described Wild Manes as “honeyed three-part harmonies, soulful melodicism and layered arrangements, walking the line between indie-rock, folk and '60s girl-group pop.” That seems to cover it pretty nicely – high energy songs with bright and powerful voices, drifting from introspective softer sounds to full-on rock assault. In mid-2018 the band released its most recent EP Just Right. They called on friend and local Brooklyn artist/musician Tim Fite to design their cover art, and hosted a nearly sold-out album release show at the Mercury Lounge. Since then Wild Manes has continued to rise in the local New York indie scene. They recently co-headlined at New York’s historic Gramercy Theatre to a packed house, and are now headed back in the studio with another album’s worth of material. Through the thick of it all the band has continued to rise despite the scheduling chaos of 6 full-time jobs, NYC traffic, generalized human exhaustion and all of the realities of doing the thing you love while also needing to get your rent check in the mail. Keep a lookout later in the year for the next release from this up-and-coming group—we promise it’ll be worth your time.
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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