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Gen Lacroix (born July 10, 1990) is a Canadian Singersongwriter with the ability to truly relax and serenade her listeners. Although life is busy at home close to Ottawa, Canada, with a family of three young kids and a hobby farm, Gen Lacroix is constantly touched by the creative power of the muse and spirit, as she writes songs effortlessly from the heart. Writing and playing when she can, she hopes to share her music with the world. Having been compared to the voice of Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, Feist, Billy Holiday, with a mezzo-soprano vocal range, her music has been known to truly touch people's hearts, as they relate to the emotional quality of it. Playing on the piano, guitar, and ukulele, and letting her soul sing, her songs are touching, coming from a deep place within. 

As long as she can remember, Gen Lacroix has always been singing. Even as a young child, she would write songs and pretend she was giving a concert. She would go back in the forest and sing the songs on her mind, from Goo Goo dolls to RadioHead to Norah Jones. Her mother had a classical guitar tucked away, but she always tried to make it sound nice. She bought her first acoustic guitar and piano when she was 15 and right away started learning on her own and writing songs, and played for her school, for cafes, and bars. She also got chosen for a studio recording session to be on an album of French songs from students within her school board. Her French song was titled, “Mr. Militaire”, which has a hint of interesting political views and prophetic visions about our current reality of Trump, international crisis, and the refugees seeking help. While the musician mentoring the project advised her to go to a school for musicians and songwriters, she decided to get a good, grounding education in University, which lasted over 5 years, studying arts, philosophy, religion, and English literature. She kept writing songs, developing her craft and her artistic identity throughout these years. By the end, she got married and right away started having kids. Now with three, she has played a number of weddings, and has over 20 songs which she could record any moment, putting aside the fact that she also has two novels on the go and a very full collection of poetry.
Last year, Gen decided it was time to devote herself in the studio, before getting pregnant with her third child. It was a journey from the heart, in which she really wanted people to hear what her soul had to express: a raw, deep, emotional reality, coming from a place filled with experiences which has brought her trauma, pain, suffering, and yet a very real love and grace. And so her first album, Sweetest Wine, explores the themes of love and life, brokenness and healing, hope and purpose. The music ranges from jazz to folk to pop, with two songs in french. She took a while to do something with this album. After a hard pregnancy and her third  baby’s younger months, she has played different venues playing music from this album, including the Upper Canada Playhouse, the Morrisburg acoustics stage, The Cornwall Port. However, It is only in the last season of Winter 2019 that she has started to distribute her album online, on digital platforms, and submitting her music to A&R sites, as well as placement and licensing sites. 
Her music is getting positive attention and ratings on MusicXRay, where many of her songs are rated between 90% and 100 %. Her most popular songs are "Carnival by the Sea" and "L'extase de l'oubli" and they have been produced by the legendary UK producer Stuart Epps, who first quoted her music, saying, "this is a seriously good singer and good song". 
Although she has live videos of her shows, Gen plans on making an official music video, on booking many shows to come, and on growing her fanbase. She is hoping of signing on to a recording/publishing contract with a label that will support her vision and help her grow her fanbase. Even more, she is organizing a fundraising campaign which will enable her to play music for the poor, the suffering, the sick, the homeless, those troubled by mental health and addiction, the elderly, the abused. She truly believes that music is a tool which can be used for healing, to help people, to touch their hearts and minds, and to make people feel happier, discovering their inner being and what truly matters in life. You can listen to her music on Itunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Soundcloud, Deezer, ReverbNation, and other music sites. 

She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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