DEVON Music Not To Lyrical But Blunt Straight To The Point

Devon Elmore born and raised in Lowereastside NY.Stage and street name Deno, not Dino. Devon turned to music as a substitute to his problems besides his father is a funk artist and his mother a poet. Devon wasn't trinna do music but there was a calling...And besides trinna b a big drug dealer Devon knew there wasn't a certified way out the ghetto. Devon was raised by his father (funk artist)  Not having much money or equipment Devon started hustling at 13 to become that dream of a rapper. Gradually his father assist his recording but then before you know it his father leaves him again to start his own life over. Devon was homeless again... DEVON decided to join a local rap group that he grew up with to start his career as a recording artist. Life circumstances comes in play and Devon starts recording in 2010 after all the unlawfully activities he delt with.  

After 3 mixtapes and alot more singles later and hits songs Devon became a producer videographer CEO over his own Group he called Dafamo.ent and works on increasing stats on ALL social media platforms. Search Deno Devon on Google for more info. Devon works on bringing Revenue to his business entity for new up COMMING artist in Nyc.

DEVON music is hip-hop alternative. Not to lyrical but Blunt straight to the point and most SONG topics are not spoken off in the hip-hop COMMUNITY for example necking, zombiez, interludes, Shoes with no socks, etc, As of now Devon still releasing music on ALL Social Media Platforms especially spotify. 

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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