Musical journey of Dream Aria takes the listener on is just phenomenal

Dream Aria is a band that not many people know about, especially those who are not living in Canada. In fact, you can simply say that this band is not that famous around the people in Canada because this band has the neo progressive style and genre in all of the songs that they have. That might be one reason why there is a limit to which this band is famous enough.

This band is quite unique because there are not many Canadian bands that have the neo progressive genre. If you are curious, you need to know a brief history about this Canadian neo progressive band. Around 2003, there was a music project that was done by three people. The main purpose of the music was to create something a bit classical so that most of the songs that they have do not have vocal or lyric. However, at one point, the producer thought that they need a drummer so that they added a drummer on the list of their team. This is the time when the overall music line of this project changed into the neo progressive style. As the result of changing the overall style of the music, the classical music that will be turned into the neo progressive genre needs a singer. That is the time when a duo of opera singer came to help. Ann Aria Burstyn: lead vocals is gaining world wide attention for her unique vocal styling, while growing up both her parents performed in the Winnipeg symphony and recently shared a stage with her childhood idol Glenn Hughes.

Don Stagg: keyboards He founded Dream Aria and is the principal writer , also was a member of 7th Temple where there album “Under the Burning Sun” has gain cult classic

Garry Flint: drums Garry is the drummer and producer for Dream Aria former member of well known Canadian band National Velvet

Andrew Berezowsky: guitar violin

However, that uniqueness is something that made this band turned out to be one of the best neo progressive band that you can find in Canada. The musical journey that Dream Aria takes the listener on is just phenomenal, for it’s a journey that will toy with every emotion that the listener possesses..!

You can found more about the Dream Aria on February 2019 Issue at here

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