Sung with the PopRock style that characterizes Helena Del Pilar.

Lover of the cultures of the world, and for that reason, in 2016 Helena decided to start paying homage to several countries, such as: Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and Colombia, through some of her greatest musical exponents with One of her successes, and as tributes. She grew up in the Home of one of the pioneers of radio in the Department of La Guajira Colombiana (Moisés Lorenzo Campo Loaiza), since her early years she leaned for her passion ... THE MUSIC; won several song competitions such as: El Cactus de oro, festival of youth performers, looking for stars, among others. Singing in her Papiamento language the songs Decepshon and Semper Lo Mi Keda Di-Bo-Só; which included in the album “Con El AlmaEn La Piel”(WITH THE SOUL IN THE SKIN). Then, in the year 2001 she published a new album that was called “Lia Muñiz HACIA TI”. -For the year 2007, Helena del Pilar wanted to releasea different album with a very spiritual content that was called, “Tú Eres Mi Verdad”(YOUR ARE MY TRUTH). 

The year 2009 brought an album with 13 songs that began to show more about who Helena del Pilar is as a singer, these songs had an answer not only in the Colombian national media, but, abroad, it is the album “MI SUEÑO”(My Dream), album this one , which shows a new facet of Helena Del Pilar, Mixing and Merging genres with Pop and Rock ... Later, she published the single “UN DIA SIN TI”, in 2013, this is the song thathas given her identity as a singer and composer to Helena Del Pilar abroad, which is why years later (year 2018) she publishes this same song sung in English. she says in her language “Amo la gente que lucha por sus Sueños–y sueño conocer el mundo con mi música” 

You can found more about the Helena on February 2019 Issue at here

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