Check out the Lifoti's freshly released Underground issue of February 2019

Taking efforts to gather the talents around the world on underground scene, first time we published the underground issue of Lifoti Magazine. In this issue we talk more about the fresh talents and their effort to work for the music. Not specifying the specific genre, more we wrote on musician skills and their struggles. As like usual this underground issue is releases over 80 countries in physical and digital  publication.

On cover story we put  Kendra Erika, recently she got placed on top upfront chart. We also put the articles about talented persons like Mike Rimbaud, Marc Staggers, Lion Tafari, Eckart Preu,IRIS CAMAA, Chris Gerard, Swank Sinatra, Silek, JT-Blaze, Lisa Panagos  B-Astre, ANGELYN & BLIND INNOCENCE, Russian band Comarana, Laci, Alessio Accardi, Mean Motor Scooter, FO-PLAY, B.D. kold, Random Hubiak, Salazar,  Emaculant, Zoee,  KENDRA ERIKA, Dedrick Weathersby,  Exotic Matter, Brandon James, The Last Bite, Zoolan, DJ Infinity, July, MacioTheGod, C2Cammy & Jump Out Boys, Kealo Rose, Yerry Rellum, Wingman, Trap$tar Jo- lene, Shayne Evans, Cadence, Topnotch, G7Don, Plush, Giovanna Moraes, Wake Up City, FINK TREE, Dream Aria, Adie Paul, Helena, Osonarley, Bluebird Creations and many more

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