A World For You: A Journey Only His Music Can Take You On

Brandon James from Saratoga Springs, New York, is the talented, 27 year-old, multi-instrumentalist making up A World For You. Now based out of San Bernardino, California, James claims, “The name sort of came to me when I was 15 years old - like a vision from God. I wasn’t really sure what it meant at the time, I just knew it sounded good and A World For You fit the music I was making. Over the years it became quite obvious I was creating an entire world for my listeners, taking them each to another place in time."A World For You does not disappoint either. With his mellow and melodic blend of Indie/Blues/Rock, his fast fingers and intricate guitar riffs, many claim Brandon James is reminiscent of the late, great Jimi Hendrix. He says, “Music can take you anywhere in the world and I want to create music that inspires. I want my listeners to be able to close their eyes and let the music take them to another world.”

His latest release - 60 Seconds To Live - is an instrumental epoch showcasing James’ exceptional musical capabilities. He not only composed and produced all of the music, he also played each instrument on the album. When asked about his process behind it all, James says, “I wanted to go back to my roots but in a modern way. The structure and instrumentation is similar to some of my earlier work but with a new feel.” He continues by saying even with the limited technology he used at the time he feels as though he was still able to create something unique. "60 Seconds To Live is quick and to the point. There may be no lyrics, but there is definitely a story to be heard, you just have to listen.” As for new music? Keep your ears open because it is in the works. Brandon James’ home studio, with up-to-date technology, is officially set up in his home in California. “It’s been such a release of creativity,” he says. He even explains he’s already recorded multiple tracks spanning over several styles and genres. “It’s great to not be limited by the technology this time around and be able to experiment freely, the possibilities really are limitless.”

A World For You will bring his talent from his home studio to the live stage on New Year’s Eve in New York at Saratoga Springs’ 23rd Annual First Night. “First Night is great! Everyone comes together and shows support for all the regional talent while ringing in the new year. They have about 70 acts spanning over 30 venues. Everything from comedy to magic and music, it’s quite the event.” This is A World For You’s fourth time performing in his hometown local event.

To give you a sense of what you might see at an A World For You show, Katie Cusack of The Alt in Albany, New York, raved: “Headlining at The Low Beat on Jan. 11, A World For You aimed to transcend. Taking the stage close to midnight armed with his double neck electric bass/guitar, the artist quietly thanked the room for sticking around and dug into his set as the sickly sweet smell of a smoke machine began to permeate the room, eventually shrouding the soloist entirely. As it cleared, the audience was met with Saratoga Springs’ Brandon James– wrinkling his eyes and mouth as if to absorb the weight and sound of his instrument. It was hard not to notice the channelling of Steve Vai as he grimaced and murmured through each song and transitioning, multicolored lights melted into the smoky haze. It created the perfect backdrop for his ambient looping rhythms and distorted crescendos. The soloist played a number of songs from his most recent release 60 Seconds to Live — letting the 30-second recorded tracks stretch and breath for several minutes at a time.”

Aside from being a musical artist, A World For You is an actual artist… as in a painter… you know, what Monet and Picasso used to do? Yeah, that’s right. Brandon James is also a well-rounded artist who started painting back in 2016 and claims it took off from there. “The paintings seem to be well received and people are always thrilled when they get one,” James says. “It’s a beautiful thing, to see the enjoyment someone gets out of something you’ve created, that makes it all the more worth while.” Unfortunately, Brandon James does not have an online store yet. He does, however, post all his paintings for sale on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

To purchase any of A World For You’s music or artwork follow and contact him on all social media @AWorldForYou and be sure to check out his website AWorldForYou.com for all the latest news, updates, and releases.

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