Krupeshshaha Khandate (born September 03, 1993), whose stage name is Kjiva, is a film director, producer, rapper, executive editor and Entrepreneur. He gained recognition through MTV Splitsvilla,

Khandate (he/him) began his career as an entrepreneur in the arts before applying his strategic and creative passions to a design, literature and culture magazine. Since then, Krupeshshaha has Lifoti publications covering fashion, tourism, health, wild photography, food and gardening, and now has the honor of overseeing Lifoti Magazine. “I love my job at Lifoti Magazine because I have the privilege of working with this extraordinary team and the opportunity to explore new content in subjects that inspire me,” he says.

He is the executive editor of Lifoti Magazine, where he oversees all print content and manages features, personal essays and special projects for the brand. He is also interested in wild photography.  “Wildlife photography is all about endurance and acute understanding of behaviour of wild animals. One must study animal behaviour to have a better chance of anticipating action. Actually, when you start working with nature, skills develop themselves and your power of observation starts increasing automatically” he says. 

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