Meet Mengge “Mango” Bao: From Engineering to Music Mastery

Mengge “Mango” Bao’s journey from engineering to music is a remarkable story of talent, passion, and perseverance. From his early performances in China to his transformative education at Berklee, and his professional success at Bleeding Fingers Music, Mango’s career exemplifies the pursuit of one's true calling.

Growing up in China, Mango Bao was expected to follow a traditional career path, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer. However, his passion and talent for music were evident early on. Despite academic expectations, Mango’s performances at local venues and school events showcased his musical prowess, convincing both him and his family that a career in music was viable.

While studying Automation at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Mango founded the "Ideal Youth" recording studio. This was a bold statement of his commitment to music. Mango and his team, the "Crasher Group," transformed a neglected space into a vibrant hub of creativity, producing an album and organizing a concert for the university’s 60th anniversary, redefining what was possible for him. As graduation approached, Mango realized that a conventional engineering job wasn’t for him. His passion for music, deepened through nights with Logic Pro and Cubase, led him to pursue full-time music studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

At Berklee, Mango majored in Contemporary Writing and Production and Film Scoring. This education solidified his passion and prepared him for a successful professional career.

Professional Milestones: Bleeding Fingers Music and Beyond

After graduating from Berklee, Mango joined Bleeding Fingers Music in Santa Monica. This renowned studio, known for its high-pressure environment, offered Mango a dream opportunity. Working on iconic projects like "The Simpsons," Mango contributed to the musical scores and thrived under tight deadlines, honing his skills and deepening his appreciation for large-scale music composition, arrangement, and production.

In addition to his work at Bleeding Fingers Music, Mango became an instructor for Donner Music in Boston, teaching pop song production. This role combined his love for music and passion for education, allowing him to inspire aspiring musicians to harness their creativity with innovative production and composition techniques.

Significant Projects: Diverse and Impactful Contributions

Mango's diverse portfolio reflects his versatility and expertise in music. Notable projects include:

"All Those Years": As the lead orchestrator, Mango collaborated with the International Chief Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing to create an evocative score that beautifully complemented the film's narrative.

Honda Inspire 2024 Commercial: Collaborating with Xiyue Diana Lizhao, Mango composed and arranged the theme song, embodying Honda’s innovation and reliability.

"Remember The Time": As a co-composer, Mango infused the documentary with nostalgic elements reminiscent of 80s and 90s Chinese pop songs, resonating deeply with the audience.

"Johny Keep Walking": As a musician and mixing engineer on the major box-office success, he balanced vocals and instrumentals to enhance the comedic tone of the film's theme song.

Each project showcased Mango's technical prowess and his ability to adapt his creative process to different media, whether it be feature films, commercials, or documentaries.

Mango Bao continues to expand his horizons with exciting new projects. He is composing music for three reality TV shows set to air on Hulu, each requiring unique musical styles. Additionally, he is orchestrating an album for a metal band, allowing him to explore a different genre and contribute to creating something truly special.

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