Jackson Reed and The Silverbirds: Calgary's Next Rock Stars

By Melissa Ryan

"In My Head" is a mesmerizing musical masterpiece that captivates listeners with its smoothness, refined melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. 

It’s the year 2023, and the age of ironic, self-aware sarcasm in music seems to be fading into the rearview like a night time neon skyline. If there was ever a time for a callback to a more earnest and vulnerable vibe to music – pop, rock or otherwise – it’s now, and Jackson Reed and The Silverbirds are here to answer that call.

As the world becomes increasingly disconnected, "In My Head" stands as a beacon of emotional frankness that bridges the gap between art and the listener. The song resonates with its profound and relatable lyrics, depicting the raw emotions and vulnerabilities we all experience. “In My Head” is a smooth, refined, and heartfelt ballad, one that feels as timeless as it does vintage.

Led by the charismatic frontman Jackson Reed, this ballad transcends time, evoking a sense of both nostalgia and contemporary relevance. With warm harmonies and the delicate harmony of a subtle Rhodes synth, the song creates a sonic experience that merges the best elements of pop and rock, while also delivering an emotionally honest message that resonates with all who listen.

Frontman Jackson Reed's distinctive voice serves as the driving force behind the emotional impact of "In My Head." His decisive delivery showcases a level of confidence and control that is rarely seen in today's music scene. With each note he hits, Reed effortlessly conveys the raw emotions embedded within the lyrics, captivating listeners and leaving them craving for more. Adding to the allure of "In My Head" are the warm harmonies that seamlessly blend with Reed's vocals. These harmonies serve as a musical embrace, providing a comforting and soothing atmosphere for the listeners. The meticulous attention to detail in the arrangement of these harmonies enhances the overall richness of the song, enshrouding the listener in a cocoon of pure musical bliss.

Despite the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, "In My Head" manages to hold its own with an unparalleled sense of timelessness. The melody and composition of the song harken back to a bygone era, paying homage to the vintage sounds of pop and rock that shaped the music industry. By incorporating elements from the past, the song not only appeals to old-school music enthusiasts but also introduces a newer generation to the rich tapestry of musical history.

The production is simple, yet fully considered in its sonic resonance, and the sparse arrangement leaves ample space for listeners to dig in and feel the vocal hooks and delicate, muted guitar line. Sunny synth stabs, pointed tom fills, and a hypnotic drum machine beat further integrate the tune’s remarkable dichotomy of old and new, like a wizened descendant of the Boys of Summer peppered with touches of tropical house. This idiosyncratic blend makes “In My Head” equally at home in a Gen Z Spotify playlist or as the backdrop to an 80s style movie montage.

Their sound is a unique blend of rock and pop. Their songs are catchy and memorable, with driving guitars, soulful vocals, and a groove that will get your foot tapping.  Reed's songs are personal and quite relatable, dealing with themes of love, loss, and hope. 

Along with his Silverbirds, Jackson Reed represents a new wave of rock, one ready to face the future armed with the best aspects of earlier musical generations. The Calgary group has made early waves not just by collaborating with drummer Kenny Aronoff, a studio veteran with experience backing John Cougar, Bob Seger, and Willie Nelson, but by creating podcast content with guests from across classic rock and pop history. 

"In My Head" embodies the essence of timeless music, skillfully blending vintage vibes with a contemporary feel. Jackson Reed's powerful vocal delivery, accompanied by warm harmonies and a subtle Rhodes synth, creates an immersive experience that transcends generations. The emotional frankness and relatable lyrics make this song a profound and memorable addition to any music lover's playlist. So dive into the world of "In My Head" and allow yourself to be transported to a place where music defies time, stirring the soul and capturing the essence of human experience.

Well received live performances in Atlanta and Nashville bode well for not just the group in general, but for the success of “In My Head” as a hit single. The song is a perfect example of how pop music can be both commercial and artistic. If you are looking for a song that is more than just a clone of what's already on radio, "In My Head" is the song for you. It will stay in your head long after you have finished listening to it.  Well done Mr. Reed!

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