Stream: Homeboy Sandman's freshly release album “12 Days Of Christmas & Día De Los Reyes”

Queens rapper Homeboy Sandman just released 12 Days of Christmas & Día de Los Reyes, his new holiday project. Well, kind of: the theme may be based around Christmastime, but it’s still the same abstract word wizardry you’ve come to expect from him. Moreover, he dropped a single from this album every day leading up to its release starting on December 25th. With tracks like “Eighth Day of Christmas,” he built a concise and laidback collection of interesting beats and flows.

Each track corresponds to a “day of Christmas”: the first, second, and so on. However, wrapping up the tracklist is “Día de Los Reyes,” referring to the Christian holiday on January 6th. Moreover, it’s a nod to Homeboy’s Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage. Three Kings’ Day, as it’s known in English, is big in Latin America. So, with that in mind, the 42-year-old gave fans great hip-hop wrapped in a cultural history lesson waiting to be unearthed. Still, even with that extra layer, his style and delivery is too skillful to ignore.

On that note of great hip-hop, the instrumental variety is rich on here despite its narrow theme. While Sandman doesn’t focus on overtly holiday-related topics, each song could be a gift to fans of abstract styles of rap. “Second Day of Christmas,” for example, features a heavy guitar-based beat that slams through the speakers. Meanwhile, the very next track “Third Day of Christmas” is a Madlib-like collection of bustling drums and a heady and sprawling verse. Also, he displays a similar creativity on his album with the Oakstop Alliance, Royalty Summit.

Still, what did you think of Homeboy Sandman’s latest album, 12 Days of Christmas & Día de Los Reyes? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below. Also, you can check out the project’s tracklist down there as well. Moreover, as always, stay posted to HNHH for more creative releases in the hip-hop realm and beyond.


First Day of Christmas

Second Day of Christmas

Third Day of Christmas

Fourth Day of Christmas

Fifth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas

Seventh Day of Christmas

Eighth Day of Christmas

Ninth Day of Christmas

Tenth Day of Christmas

Eleventh Day of Christmas

Twelfth Day of Christmas

Día de Los Reyes

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