OMB Peezy and G Herbo collide on their new track, "Mufasa."

 OMB Peezy hardly takes a break. The Mobile, AL rapper has delivered a steady stream of music throughout the year, even after dropping off two projects in 2021. His work ethic isn't unrecognized but it appears that all of the leg work he's put in is building up for a huge chapter in his career.

Though he's yet to announce a project, the release of his new single "Mufasa" ft. G Herbo is a strong indication that he has some heat on the way. The two rappers reflect on being "kings of the jungle" in their respective stomping grounds. Peezy's melodic delivery is met with G Herbo's gravelly flow over the triumphant production, finding a perfect sweet spot in their respective styles.

Check the song out below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Ever since a n***a can remember, been a hot boy

I ain’t got no limit, I ain’t stoppin’ it when I start

They be talkin’ hard but them boys ain't got no heart

N***a say he want to be a boss, play your part

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