Stream The Cool Kids' new album "Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe," featuring Jeremih, Smoke SZA, Syd & more.

 The Cool Kids are back. The iconic Chicago duo consisting of producer Chuck Inglish & emcee Sir Michael Rocks announced last month that they are going to release a new album on September 15th called Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe, their first since 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles, and alas here it is.

"The Hiatus is over. We missed being us. We refuse to let people down and not be the actual group.” Chuck tweeted out last Summer. “We been through too much. So prepare for things to go back to they were supposed to be. The Cool Kids together is what is right in the world. It's on."

Containing 16 tracks in total, the follow up to 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles features guest appearances from the Internet’s Syd, Hannibal Buress, Travis Barker, Jeremih, A-Trak, Buddy, Smoke DZA, and more. Meanwhile Inglish handles the project’s entire production.

“I wanted to walk you into an experience. I wanted to start you off like, damn, this is definitely some Cool Kids shit, and then have you be like, damn, what’s this? This shit crazy.” Chuck said about the album.

“I made a film with that shit. I wanted to make scenes and show how they played out to me. If I was listening to us for the first time, this is the album that would fuck me up. If we were new and you never heard of us before this album, this would be the breakout album of the year. That’s what I’m hoping for. We’re still kind of new artists. We haven’t really existed yet the way we’ve wanted to. We just did a lot of shifting. We affected a lot of people first, but our music still hasn’t reached its peak. We haven’t peaked out. We haven’t gotten close.”

Led by the previously heard singles “915PM” with Jeremih & “TV Dinner,” fans can now stream the “comeback” album in its entirety via Apple Music. Suggest you roll up and enjoy the new vibes from the iconic Chicago duo now. What’s your favorite track?


1. “The Moonlanding” (Feat. Hannibal Buress)

2. “TV Dinner”

3. “Get Out the Bowl”

4. “Break Your Legs” (Feat. Travis Barker & HXLT)

5. “20/20 Vision”

6. “Checkout”

7. “On the Set” (Feat. Boldy James & Smoke DZA)

8. “9:15Pm” (Feat. Jeremih)

9. “Westside Connections” (Feat. Buddy, Jay Worthy & Warm Brew)

10. “The Motion” (Feat. Ye Ali & Anthony Pavel)

11. “T.D.A.” (Feat. A-Trak, Reese LAFLARE & Larry June)

12. “Jean Jacket” (Feat. Paul Usher & 10ille)

13. “Simple Things” (Feat. Syd & QUIÑ)

14. “Symptoms of a Down” (Feat. Helios Hussain)

15. “Gr8Full” (Feat. Joyce Wrice & Like)

16. “Too Smooth”

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