Lil Tjay and Swae Lee assist on Pop Smoke's "Genius."

There have been conflicting thoughts surrounding the release of the late Pop Smoke's new album, Faith. There were early discussions that 50 Cent wouldn't be involved in the project, unlike last year's Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon. However, the biggest issue fans took was the features included on the project. Many believe that Pop probably wouldn't have worked with many artists on that list, though there are a few collaborations that have won fans over.

Pop Smoke and Lil Tjay have shown just how strong their chemistry is on wax in the past. On Faith, the two unite alongside Swae Lee on "Genius." With Rico Beats and Tay Keith holding down the production, Tjay and Swae Lee's contributions electrify through smooth vocal performances. Swae, once again, proves that he's one of the most versatile artists who can easily go from making a pop-friendly anthem to menacing bangers at the snap of a finger.

Quotable Lyrics

Really come from a block where they murder and slaughter

A n***a been orderin' Hot 9

If I'm slidin', I'm takin' it, easy

It's hot-blockin', they showin' me stop signs

Know you see it, you not blind

I'ma only keep dumpin', it's my time

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