Perry Stevens has announced a new studio work: Craven Love

This is an exciting time for artists and songwriting Perry Stevens. He has just wrapped up a brand new studio work titled Craven Love, which feels like an exciting conclusion to the year and an amazing opportunity to kick off 2022 with a big bang and a positive attitude. Craven Love is a very fluid blend of different styles and ideas. From the unique touch of modern indie-pop down to the energy of rock, the possibilities are endless. Perry Stevens is a very versatile performer, not the kind of artist who gets stuck in the usual cliches and genre definitions. For this reason, he is actually able to craft a more diverse and recognizable sound that speaks volumes about his personality and characterful artistic vision. Craven Love starts off with a really nice introduction, a blend of melody and texture that immediately sets the mood, allowing the track to unfold. The arrangement is well-executed, retaining a very impactful and immediate flow that is never overly busy or more complicated than it should be. As a result, the audience gets to enjoy a more immediate and emotionally rewarding experience listening to this beautiful studio work. The sound is blooming and big, with such a huge set of “ear candy” sounds bringing something unique to the mix. 

What makes this release special is that the song is consistently energetic when it comes to its rhythm, yet there is a lot of melodic dexterity, making the song stand out from the herd in a unique way. The hallmark of great music is oftentimes how it affects us, how it makes us think differently, while still providing something that is not only artistic but also fun and entertaining. Perry Stevens and his incredible personality seem like a perfect vehicle for this kind of artistry to come through, and the quality of this new music release is a great testament to the fact that Perry Stevens is determined to start the new year with an exciting, creative, and energetic vision of getting his music out there to as many new listeners as possible. Craven Love isn’t just very personal but also very palatable, making for a fantastic “signature” take on the music that Perry Stevens loves. His broad range of creative inspirations is all here, making this release feel kaleidoscopic and nuanced from the moment you hit the play button and let the flow of the music roll and unfold.

While the melodic and rhythmic elements in the release are absolutely excellent, there is another layer that makes the project all the more exciting. Craven Love is indeed a perfect example of great musical storytelling. Perry Stevens is not just an entertainer but a true artist. He is someone who loves to tell stories through music and always has a fantastic way to connect with people with lyrics that have a strong narrative power. This song, for example, is the story of a man and a woman, craving all the love they feel for each other. Still, the content of Craven Love is incredibly easy to relate to for most people, making for a fantastic twist that makes the audience care about the music on a deeper level. While catchy melodies are definitely important and relevant, the idea of combining appealing sounds with uniquely crafted lyrics is quite groundbreaking since people tend to develop a much stronger connection with musical releases that actually make them feel more attached to the material. Much like that TV show that you can’t stop binge-watching, Craven Love is going to keep you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. This wonderful composition also excels from a technical standpoint. The production is excellent, with a great mix that enables every part of the arrangement to bring something special to the song. While each instrument is tailored to perfection, the sum of the parts makes for an even more special composition overall. Craven Love feels like a perfect recommendation of just how versatile and outstanding Perry Stevens’s work is. The production is extremely nuanced, allowing the artist to express himself fully while pushing the boundaries of his musical influences in order to create a more dynamic blend of sound that feels incredibly more exciting than the average offering in this particular genre. You should definitely give this song a go if you do enjoy the work of artists such as Paul Anka, Elvis Presley, or Carl Perkins, only to name a few. Perry Stevens feels like a perfect representation of what it means to be a contemporary artist with a broader sound.

While this studio work excels from a production standpoint and from a musical artistry point of view, the lyrical content is also quite impressive. Perry Stevens is a true storyteller, the kind of artist who knows how to use lyrics to tell a story and endow the music with more substance than just a pretty melody. Craven Love happens to be a perfect blend of melody, lyrics, and energy, and the diverse approach to this release is one of the things that makes it so enjoyable and one-of-a-kind. This is a phenomenal introduction to Perry Stevens’s work, and it is highly recommended to fans of genuinely great modern music with a retro touch Ultimately, Craven Love is a fantastic achievement. Perry Stevens went above and beyond to create a piece of music that feels so dynamic and catchy but also filled with integrity and passion. Whether you are a die-hard pop-rock fan or a newcomer to the genre, you’ll certainly find something for you here. One of the most exciting features of Craven Love is the fact that this release stays true to the unmistakable vibe and personality of this artist while also creating a brand new aesthetic of sound by aiming to be more creative and inventive in terms of sound design and innovation alike. Perry Stevens excels at endowing his music with something quite special, and this release feels like a perfect example of what his style is really all about. 

Find out more about Perry Stevens, and do not miss out on Craven Love. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services and beyond.

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