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There are times when you will be at your lowest point ever in life, and you may even feel like giving up. It may feel as if you will never get to where you want to be and that the dreams or aspirations you planned for yourself seem like a lifetime away. There are people who will succumb to failure and give up, and then there are survivors who have a will to win and push through every obstacle they are faced with in the trenches. Tranea Manning is 1 of those survivors. Born in San Diego, California Tranea grew up in a house hold where she was a victim of child molestation with someone close to her family at the young age of 5 years old. Early on she never believed it would have any impact on her life, but as she grew older into adulthood there was a lasting imprint that she continues to deal with emotionally. Built tough to last, with a mother and father who were both in the streets when it came to making money, Tranea had no choice but to be strong no matter what life threw at her. The beautiful ebony Goddess embodies a strong aura giving her the regal essence of a Queen, with the strength and persistence of a soldier. At a young age she was exposed on how to make a fast dollar without working on the clock, giving her the street smarts that she turned into a legal empire in present day. Her parents were always affectionate towards her and loved Tranea dearly. They provided for her exceptionally well which she also passed on to her own children. To say the least she grew up with the right ingredients that helped mold her into a seasoned business maven. Her mother who was also once a go-getter switched the street life for an education and a business, with Tranea eventually following behind in her path.

Tranea ultimately fell into her mother’s footsteps hustling in the streets making fast money and got caught up bad. At the age of 27 not only did she get caught up in the game, but she also got caught literally by the police and was sentenced to 13 months in jail. Looking to turn her life around for herself and her children, she relocated to Georgia after serving her time where her transformation really began. As she matured and became a mother to 2 beautiful girls, Tranea knew she had to figure out life fast! Her 1st venture was as a Tax Accountant. Upon moving to Georgia, it was nearly impossible for her to find steady employment with a record. Luckily a door opened with an Accountant looking for help and once she learned the ropes on how to master filing taxes, in 2013 she launched her own business. Manning Tax Solutions is still up and running till this day and is her #1 most lucrative business under her many hats. No stranger to the numbers game and how to build wealth, she easily dominates during the tax season with her company.

Always looking to outdo her work as an entrepreneur, the birth of Next Level Fashion was also born. Flipping the income she made from her tax business, she obtained her passport and began traveling to China to find her own vendors for her Fashion House. She has worked with some of the best in the industry regarding styling and only carries high-end exclusive looks in her collection. She took the industry by storm with her mobile traveling boutique that includes a full-service styling truck complete with signature pieces. Next Level Fashion is a complete umbrella with Next Level Hair Extensions, Next Level Cosmetics, and coming this October 2021 in California her Next Level Spa will be having their grand opening. Tranea Manning is walking proof that where you were yesterday doesn’t have to be where you are today. As a woman of color, the hand you are dealt with can sometimes be filled with the hardest cards to win by. Statistically speaking there is the challenges with single motherhood, raising a family alone, being looked over in the work place, and more then often being labeled before even being learnt for who you are. To say the least, it’s hard being Black. Tranea, a mother, leader, entrepreneur, and daughter is also setting her mark in 1 of the fastest growing industries today, the Marijuana industry. Working on her licensing now, Next Level Budz Delivery, a legal THC delivery option is also set to open under her business takeover. Currently working on this exciting new journey launching soon, the global Cannabis market is estimated to be valued at $20.5 Billion as of 2020 with a projected reach of over $95 Billion as soon as 2026. She is in the green all around the board.

Always looking to inspire others by sharing her story and achievements with people who need to be uplifted, Tranea Manning also has ‘author’ under her resume. She has successfully published her 1 st book ‘The Hand I Was Dealt: Birth of the Greatest’ which goes into detail about everything she has been through in life from the beginning. The book is a very moving read suitable for all, and the perfect ignition to get you motivated.

This book is a biography of my life, love, and struggles. Inside the pages of this book. are my truths of the good; the bad; and the ugly times of my life. My hope is that someone will read this book and be inspired to know that they can overcome any adversity life deals them. After all, we all all were dealt a hand of cards. It is not how well you can hold your cards, but rather how well you can play the hand that you were dealt with
After 20 years of living in Georgia and building such rewarding businesses, Tranea Manning has relocated back to her home city of San Diego where she is still flourishing, as well as now in school to become a licensed Esthetician. Today she has 8 grandchildren, several businesses with more ventures on the way, and a substantial appetite for success. There is much more to come from the hands of Tranea Manning. The rule of thumb is to have 7 streams of income for millionaire status, and you can believe she is horning in to that bracket. She continues to work on her Brand as a lifestyle mogul with even more bigger projects on the horizon. Recently the launch of her Next Level Fashion brand in San Diego was her 1st official and huge event packed with celebrities, press, and the who’s who in her home town.

In this exclusive interview with Lifoti Magazine, Tranea Manning discuss about her inspiring journey.

➧Interview By Maria Nicolas

• The multifaceted Tranea Manning is a Leader, Entrepreneur, CEO, a mom and many more. We are interested to know more about you so, Would you please share a brief synopsis of your business journey? If you could walk us through your struggling journey from “prison” to the present “entrepreneurship”, what are some of the most remarkable aspects of your life as an entrepreneur?
» As far as my business journey is concerned, I started my entrepreneurial journey because I couldn’t get a decent paying job. Nobody would hire me because of my criminal background even after graduating from college and obtaining an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration. I was in a slump but I had two kids to care for and I never wanted them to settle for just anything. I worked commission only jobs as a bill collector and I had to buss my butt everyday just to make sure I was going to receive a paycheck every week. Once I was presented with an opportunity to work for a friend of a friend’s tax office, I took it and ran with it! I had no knowledge of tax preparation but I learned and excelled very quickly! I had a very persuasive conversation so I was able to convince everyone that I was the best tax preparer for them! My clientele was through the roof by the end of the tax season. From there I stepped to the owners in regards to owning my own office, because I had made them a lot of money and I wanted all of my revenue. So it was either they put me on or I was out, so they put me on! I purchased a franchise of their tax company and two years later I opened my own tax franchise, Manning Tax Solutions!
The most amazing part about my entrepreneurial journey is being able to add other businesses to my resume! Next Level Fashion Boutique is my pride and joy and I’m most proud of it! The Next Level Brand is so much more than a clothing boutique and it’s about to expand on so many more avenues! I love how proud all eight of my grand kids are of me and how their plans for adulthood are geared to owning their own businesses!

• Compared to when you started your first firm “Manning Tax Solutions” in 2013, is it easier or harder to be an entrepreneur in 2021?
» Each year is different and I can’t say if it gets easier because I am constantly adding businesses to my Queendom! I’m working nonstop right now so that once 60 comes to me hopefully I can sit down and let the companies work for me.

• What is the ONE thing you are NOT willing or prepared to do EVER, in your quest to achieve a successful business career? 
» From here on out I will NEVER try to convince someone anyone to believe in my dreams or to support me on my business journey! I’ve tried to bring people on with me so that they could have the same opportunities as me but I learned that what’s for me is for me!

• How important was business in your life? Were your family and friends supportive of this career choice? If you weren’t a entrepreneur today, could you see yourself doing anything else? 
» At this point business is very important in my life because this is the only way that I know how to dictate my own life and move exactly how I want to move. As long as I can control my own income I will be ok regardless of who is the head of our country or how the government put in place to create laws for our country. I determine how my life will end and how my finances will keep my family at a point where we are all able to take care of ourselves. I wouldn’t have it any other way but to be an entrepreneur.

• How are you keeping busy these days during the pandemic? How are you staying connected to your clients? Do you find that social media is now even more useful for promoting businesses?
» Social media is definitely the best form of advertisement for me! Without it I don’t know how I would be able to connect with all the people that I connect with. I made my most income during the pandemic because of social media!

• What is the first thing that comes to your mind when creating a new business entity? What is the one thing every business must have for it to be solid?
» When creating a new business entity I think of what would be a need and want and what I would be interested in pursuing. All it takes is passion and dedication and anyone can be an entrepreneur. 

• Let’s talk about “Next Level Fashion”. It is a complete umbrella with Hair Extensions, Cosmetics, and Clothing's. What was it like making “Next Level Fashion”? How creatively involved with the process were you? 
» Next Level Fashion is my my baby and I love it! I didn’t know anything about the fashion or beauty industry at all but I knew I needed to add something that was gonna be profitable after tax season to keep money flowing in. I thought about how I spend so much money every month on looking good from my hair down to my shoes, and then it hit me to open up a clothing boutique! So I took my earnings from my tax company and made it happen! I have to admit I’m the beginning I was horrible at merchandising and buying clothes that people would wear other than me. However, I quickly learned after paying for a consultant and merchandiser from The IVY ROOM in Atlanta Georgia! I watched, listened, and learned, before no time I was ready to do this! I am now a buyer, store owner, and merchandiser! Next Level Entities consist of Next Level Fashion Boutique, Next Level Cosmetics, Next Level Hair Extensions, Next Level Men, Next Level Kids which belongs to my 10 year old granddaughter, Next Level Budz, licensing in the making and Next Level Esthetics and Body.

• I know you are multitalented at your work. And also a good entrepreneur business person. But how do you handle all businesses together in an excellent way?
» I learned that I needed to ace myself in order to be efficient in what I do. I don’t overbook appointments and if I can’t get something done I will not commit to it. Sometimes I have to leave money on the table just so that I can have a little bit of peace and time for myself and my family.

• ‘The Hand I Was Dealt: Birth of the Greatest’ is a perfect ignition book to get motivated. What was it like to write an autobiography and where exactly did the inspiration come from? What makes it so meaningful to you?
» This book was the best kind of therapy that I could have ever had! It was totally necessary for me to write this book in order for me to find peace within all that I have been through! This book brought healing to my soul and it actually was an outlet for my family to understand why I am the person I am! My children now understand where my hard shell comes from and why my immediate family is so important to me. I am not a writer and I plan on writing another book, but this book was my way to express myself and show people where I come from and how I got to where I am today! I talk about being molested to hating my sister because she was so pretty when we were little. People don’t understand how kids feel inside when it comes to the lack of beauty! I talk about heartbreak and ungrateful people in your circle!

• What does the next page in your career trajectory look like? What does the rest of this year and the start of 2022 look like for you? Do you have plans to start and growth for new businesses ? Are you currently working on “Next Level Spa”?
» So Next Level Esthetics and Body is my spa and new baby! I just got my location in Huntington Park California and I’m currently in school obtaining my Esthetician license! This business will go hand in hand with Next Level Cosmetics. I actually enjoy all of the training that I am getting and I’m pretty good at it too! I thought school would be hard for me being I am one year shy from 50, but it is actually working out!

• Now it's time for Rapid Fire Round, you have to answer in one line. So get ready for it...!
» The first song I remember hearing? - Pressure by Billy Joel
» Favorite artist? - Michael Jackson
» Closest family member? - Both of my daughters 
» The first gig I went to? - Saves the Day
» Best Year in life? - 2021
» The song that makes me want to dance? - Migos Stir Fry
» Business I wish I’d started? - Where im at.
» What you’d never buy with money? - Friendship
» Favorite Fashion item ? - Level Up Jeans By Next Level Fashion
» Unpopular person you think is a hero? - My mom
» The song I want to play at my upcoming B’day? - Nice by Jay Z.
» Describe Tranea Manning in one word? - Resilient
» Describe Next Level Fashion in one word? - Different
» Describe Manning Tax Solutions in one word? - Accurate 

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