YGTUT Shares 2-Track Project "Black Benz" EP

 YGTUT drops off a 2-song pack titled, "Black Benz"  

YGTUT has remained relatively quiet for the majority of the year. The last official single he dropped was April 2020's "Chattanooga Vendetta" which was one of two tracks that he delivered last year. Needless to say, he's been missed but thankfully, he came through with a tiny treat for his fans with the release of Black Benz, a two-song EP including the title track and "Wealth." 

The lack of music from YGTUT in recent times has only increased the demand for his formal follow up to 2019's I.O.U. However, the rapper did make a cameo on the latest release from Isaiah Rashad, The House Is Burning on the song, "Chad."  

We're excited to hear more music from YGTUT. Check out his latest offering, Black Benz, below.  

Quotable Lyrics  

I was your once upon a time, tryna shine  
on n***as  
Tryna rhyme like Jigga, that's how the  
white folks getcha  
Get that n***a a contract and a chain  
that's bigger  
Than his fuckin' imagination then we'll  
rob that n***a

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