Take a look on Brian Berggoetz's album "Wildflower" fulfilled with distinctive perks

Brian Berggoetz's album "Wildflower" is a lively collection of 12 songs, Combining his skillful musician ship with compelling arrangements and crafty compositions, this collection will lift you up and be a perfect accompaniment for any road trip. He is a well-rounded artist with a broad creative scope. He has a passion for authentic storytelling, and love to create music with a deeper meaning. His songs leave a mark on people and connect with them on a deeper level. Brian Berggoetz make songs that will make you cry, laugh, think, and wonder...sometimes all at once!

One of the most distinctive perks of Brian’s music is indeed found in his fondness for stories. Most of his songs are very narrative-driven. Arguably, storytelling is one of the most essential elements of the artist’s approach to songwriting. Brian loves to share his feelings and express powerful ideas with the audience, and he often does so through the voice of the characters he depicts in his songs. In addition to that, the production on his recordings is absolutely excellent. His vocals always have some tasteful effects, such as reverb, echo, and saturation. Whether you are a fan of old-school folk-rock or contemporary music, Americana style Brian’s records are going to be great for you! There is genuinely no constraint to the creativity and vision of this fantastic artist, and he is on a roll, consistently releasing amazing songs and building his growing fan-base.

Brian Berggoetz is a self-taught guitarist and a natural-born singer and songwriter since he was eighteen years of age. He has written many songs throughout the years since, and he has played at various venues local to where he has lived, both as a solo artist and as the leader of a band.

Brian is a long-time resident of Tucson, Arizona. He is currently playing with a band that he started four years ago, The Brian Berggoetz Band, the members of which together form a solid and optimal configuration that showcases his music in its intended light.

The band plays a combination of rock and blues, mostly original songs that Brian has written, along with some cover songs that he has re-written to make them his own. They are currently in the process of producing an album which is soon to be released in the coming weeks, so this is a long-awaited new beginning for a “seasoned veteran” in the business. It’s an album you will want to hear!

Since the early start of the pandemic, Brian began a new relationship with a woman that has inspired him to write new songs, many of which are somewhat on the softer side than to what the band ordinarily plays. As such, he has simultaneously formed a second band as a solo project with the addition of a violinist which captures the essence of its thick, dreamy sound that veers more towards an Americana style of music. This project has just produced and released its first CD in April of this year, and the reviews so far have been overwhelming. The CD is comprised of eleven original songs in addition to Brian’s rendition of the cover song Purple Haze. Following are but a few sample quotes of the reviews he has received to date from various taste-makers:

"Brian Berggoetz is a true to life American musical hero. If you don't already know, his soft smooth voice is surely guiding and instructing the very soul of this great land. It's a truth you will need to discover for yourself."-Nathanial D. King-Fueled by Purple Records

Many reviewers have added his songs to their playlists and it has been interesting to watch the streams pick up steam on an exponential scale. This recognition has been long-awaited and well deserved. Many are hearing them for the first time as today’s media venues have allowed his music to reach ears that extend far beyond what was once unimaginable. Brian has many fluid musical ideas that are brewing and a continued eye on his "Wildflower" will be well worth your while and I anticipate will inspire a positive mood in your life.

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