Money Man Moves From The Trap To Wall Street On "LLC"

Money Man drops off a new single.

The independent grind has proven successful for Money Man. Without any formal major label backing, he's formed a loyal and dedicated following that's grown even stronger in recent times. He's continued to keep the streets flooded with music after a prolific 2020 that included the releases of his projects like Epidemic and State Of Emergency.

In between album releases, he's continued to keep his YouTube page updated with loose singles. This week, he came through with his latest single, "LLC." The rapper takes on piano-laden production where he ties in menacing bars with financial advice. "Countin' up the Ms straight in the trap, I might go buy some stocks/ AR556'll go through walls just like it's juggernaut," he raps through an auto-tune filter.

Check the record below.

Quotable Lyrics

Pull up with the rifle like I'm Devin Booker, nothin' but net

Told 'em I ain't even tryna smash, I want nothin' but neck

Told these folks that I ain't fly commercial, I do nothin' but jets

Any opps survive when we slide, they considered blessed

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