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With an irresistible blend of soul, funk, R&B and pop, Shevy O'Shea invokes greats from the past while bringing something new to the game. He honors the roots of R&B while imagining it greater.

Something quite special can happen when the melodies of Soul, R&B collide with the energy of pop and many other styles. While some might think that these genres are worlds apart, they have so much in common, and artists like Shevy O'Shea represent the perfect example of how the different sounds can come together under one roof to create something that’s truly perfect. The artist recently unveiled a brand new single titled #RihannaMove. The track is magnetic, impactful and engaging, combining great melodies and exciting hooks, with a world-class production that’s always about making sure that every detail in the mix is up to snuff. As they say, a chain is only strong as its weakest link, and in this case, it’s hard to find a fault in terms of production, songwriting, and performance excellence here. When there’s so much passion and focus involved, you really can’t go wrong indeed! As an artist, Shevy O'Shea isn’t just about creating great music. 

For him, the storytelling component of being an artist and songwriter is also quite important. This is precisely the reason why he is always building powerful narratives and relatable stories, which are just as catchy as his amazing instrumentals and vocal melodies. With Shevy, you don’t just get a good song, but also a fantastic snapshot of an artist with something to say, and a very creative approach to what he does. #RihannaMove is a showcase of personality and passion, and a very stark reminder that Shevy O'Shea is an artist who is not the kind of person who would rely on a shortcut or settle for less. His songs are excellent and well-produced, a strong indication of his artistic integrity and ability to create music that’s massively appealing. 

Having said that, Shevy O'Shea still managed to develop a strong individuality, shining for his personality and showing the world what he is all about. This release is a must for all fans of high-quality soul, funk, R&B and pop music out there. Currently to date #RihannaMove is at 3.9 millions streams and independently growing!! There are artist who have something, there are artists who has a bit more then just something, and upon hearing his voice for the first time, it is obvious that singer/songwriter/dancer and overall performer Shevy O'Shea is one who has it All! He's on the rise towards reaching the greatest of heights. 

In just a few short years, Shevy O’Shea has grown from a promising young talent in Chicago to an artist on the brink of international stardom. Fusing classic soul and pop sensibilities with a heavy dose of Afro-beats, he creates an irresistible style that is unlike anything else in modern music. What truly separates him from the crowd, however, is the authenticity and passion he brings to his performances. Shevy’s incredibly unique life experiences can be heard in every song he releases. Shevy was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and spent most of his youth in Chicago, where his musical talent first began to blossom. Despite a troubled home life and the absence of his father, Shevy excelled at both music and school, teaching himself to play several different instruments. He earned a scholarship to study biology, hoping to become a surgeon, but a series of unlucky events forced him to drop out of school. It became clear to Shevy that if he were to attain the success he longed for, music was the only way togo. Shevy took the leap and relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly built up the type of hype most artists only dream of. 

His debut single ‘Still Not A Player’ was an instant sensation, putting him on the radar of fans and press all over. He built on that momentum with a series of increasingly compelling singles, showing a gift for everything from 90’s R&B and hip-hop to ambient synth pop. Riding a wave of momentum, he went on to tour the world as his reputation continued to grow exponentially. Currently, Shevy is in Los Angeles, working hard on the next step of his artistic journey. With millions of streams under his belt, it seems to be just a matter of time before he breaks into the mainstream. Dynamic, unpredictable, and fearless, Shevy O’Shea is poised to leave a lasting legacy on the music world. In this exclusive interview with Lifoti Magazine, Shevy O’Shea open ups about his inspiring journey.

➧Interview By Maria Nicolas

• Would you please share a brief synopsis of your music journey? If you could walk us through your music-related journey from the start to present, what are some of the most notable facets of your life as an artist?
» I first started my admiration for music at a very young age. I think 6years old. Ever since I can remember I’ve been singing. Started at church, to working at recording studios sweeping the floors , to sitting in writing session, and then finally, after shadowing songwriter Davis Lyriks, I started to believe that I could actually do it. I recorded my first single “Still Not A Player” in 2016 - 5years ago on 7/21/21- which I will also be dropping my first EP to celebrate 5 consistently long years in this business. I’ve met and have been in the room with some amazing artist, Jay-Z, Sevyn, Trippie Redd, Kelly Rowland, Future, just to name a few. All to inspire me to keep going.

• Is it easier or harder to be a musician in 2021?
» I feel as though it’s easier. You really don’t need a label with all the social platforms to give you the support or help make you “go viral”, however it is tricky because you’re literally competing with the world and everyone else out there pursuing something similar. In the past the labels would decide who’s hot and who’s not, now the people do all the work by just double tapping on your content or song via Instagram or Spotify. I’d say it’s way faster now and it’s harder to create timeless music when the attention span of the nation moves quicker than a speeding bullet.

• What is the ONE thing you are NOT willing or prepared to do EVER, in your quest to achieve a successful musical career? 
» I will not sale my soul. Meaning, I refuse to lose myself, my morals, my faith just to be successful.

• How important was music in your life? Were your family and friends supportive of this career choice? If you weren’t a musician today, could you see yourself doing anything else?
» Music is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do, if not music I’d rather just be ridiculously wealthy, which would still allow me to create music, I do love fashion and creative directing. My friends and family have always supported me.

• How are you keeping busy and musical these days during the pandemic? How are you staying connected to your listeners? Are you finding that social media is even more useful now?
» Social media is extremely useful. Is like fans on-demand. As soon as you create something and post it you can get immediate feedback. I love that.

• What, or who serves as your biggest inspirations, both musically, and personally?
» Musically I’m inspired by soul and originality. I love the soul of Little Richard, and the originality of Toni Braxton. The flow and skilled confidence of Jay-Z and Kanye West. I love unapologetic music. I’m inspired by so many musicians that have come before me. From Jimmi Hendrix, Rick James, Marvin Gaye, to Usher, Drake, Chris Brown and Tory Lanes, the list goes on and on. They’re all so great. 

Personally, I admire more spiritual based creators such as Neale Donald Walsch, Mike Dooley, and Lisa Nichols, those creators that aren’t afraid to dream out side the box and practices and encourages fearlessness.

• What is the first thing that comes to your mind when creating a new project? What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?
» What do I instantly feel. I have to flow with the song. And put my owe vibes within the song. FunFact: Never have I ever written a song lyric down, I just start singing and allow the gift to flow out and through me.

• Let’s talk about your latest electrifying release "#RihannaMove". What was it like making the music video for “#RihannaMove”? How creatively involved with the process were you?
» #RihannaMove! Wow I never thought the record would become such a HIT! The music video was a long and cold process lol. Having a car mounted on a dolly with cameras all around was intense. Nonetheless FUN! I’m heavy involved in the creation process. My team shoots me ideas and I build Shevy into the idea, making it more me, my vibes. I love my team.

• While it’s difficult, can you pick out a few of your favorite songs from your discography ? What was it like producing them and where did the inspiration for them come from exactly? What makes it so meaningful to you?
» My first record “Still Not A Player” produced by Al Cover, inspired by the late great Big Pun featuring Joe was probably once of the coolest records I’ve recorded and sang. I recorded the song in the exact same studio in NY as Big Pun and I sang with all my might lol. I also loved creating #Greenlight (I Like What You Like), produced by Kevin-Dave, recorded at the Record Plant in Los Angeles, in the “Prince Studio” designed by Prince himself. There was a lot of energy in the room during this session, As if the spirits were present with me while recording.

• Do you think music today is enjoyed more for the beats and rhythms or for the lyrical content?
» It truly depends on the listener, I would say the beat is definitely the first thing to capture your attention.

• You perform and release the music with your own name. Why not just go by artist or stage name?
» Shevy is short for Shavelle so kind of shortened. Besides Shevy O’shea has to be one of the coolest names, you just gotta love it!

• I know you are multitalented at your work. Your work is reflecting the similar skills of pioneers like Trey Songz, Tory Lanez and Chris Brown. But for listeners, how do you relate your music with them?
» I feel we’re all young and understand the millennial generation, so it’s only apparent that we go through similar situations. The dealings of People, love, wealth, and everything in-between, while trying to remain levelheaded and make the best decisions. It’s tough but worth it. Gotta keep my head right at all times. Mental health is extremely important.

• What does the next page in your career trajectory look like? What does the rest of this year and the start of 2022 look like for you? Do you have plans to release more new music or a full album soon? Are you currently writing new music?
» New Album definitely on the way and is about 95% complete. I’d like a push, a huge introduction into the music industry amongst my peers, a few mainstream features and as I enter 2022, a world tour preferably with Doja Cat.

• Now it's time for Rapid Fire Round, you have to answer in one line. So get ready for it...!
» The first song I remember hearing? - Usher My Way
» The first song I fell in love with? - Prince I Would Die 4 U
» The first album I ever bought? - Maroon 5 Songs About Jane
» The first gig I went to? - The Staple center to see Kendrick Lamar
» The song that makes me want to dance? - #RihannaMove by Me!
» The song I wish I’d produced? - Silk Sonic Leave the door open
» The song I can’t get out of my head? - WizKid & Tems Essence
» The song I can no longer listen to? - R. Kelly Ignition
» The genre I don't like? - I like at least something from all genres
» The song I want to play at my upcoming B'day? - 2 chainz Birthday Song
» Describe Shevy O'shea in one word? #FLUID

• You’ve always championed new music. Are there any recommendations for Lifoti and its readers to check out?
» CONTINUE LOVING AND SUPPORTING SHEVY O’SHEA, and the artist that I’ll soon collab with Masego, Fireboy DML, Kiana Ledé, Lucky Daye and Tiana Mayor9, I love them all. #BeGreat

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