Upcoming Afrobeat Artist Shevy O’shea Shares His Brand New Music Video of #RihannaMove

In just a few short years, Shevy O’Shea has grown from a promising young talent in Chicago to an artist on the brink of international stardom.  Fusing classic soul and pop sensibilities with a heavy dose of Afro-beats, he creates an irresistible style that is unlike anything else in modern music.  What truly separates him from the crowd, however, is the authenticity and passion he brings to his performances.  Shevy’s incredibly unique life experiences can be heard in every song he releases.

Shevy was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and spent most of his youth in Chicago, where his musical talent first began to blossom.  Despite a troubled home life and the absence of his father, Shevy excelled at both music and school, teaching himself to play several different instruments.  He earned a scholarship to study biology, hoping to become a surgeon, but a series of unlucky events forced him to drop out of school.  It became clear to Shevy that if he were to attain the success he longed for, music was the only way to go.

Shevy took the leap and relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly built up the type of hype most artists only dream of.  His debut single ‘Still Not A Player’ was an instant sensation, putting him on the radar of fans and press all over.  He built on that momentum with a series of increasingly compelling singles, showing a gift for everything from 90’s R&B and hip-hop to ambient synth pop.  Riding a wave of momentum, he went on to tour the world as his reputation continued to grow exponentially.

Currently, Shevy is in Los Angeles, working hard on the next step of his artistic journey.  With millions of streams under his belt, it seems to be just a matter of time before he breaks into the mainstream.  Dynamic, unpredictable, and fearless, Shevy O’Shea is poised to leave a lasting legacy on the music world.

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Alongside the track, he also share an electric music video to complement the new single. Check out "#RihannaMove" below and let us know what you think down in the comments. 

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