Platnume Releases Official Music Video of Brand New Song "Romans"

Platnume from South Jamaica Queens, NY. He grew up in Rochdale Village Circle 4, graduated from York Early College Academy and earned an associates degree in recording technology from Laguardia Community College. Platnume have been working on music for about five to six years as an artist and producer. Platnume inspired by some of my idols, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Kanye West, J. Cole, and other artists. His father was an artist as well. His passion inspired him to find a path to become more creative with art. His mother’s passion for nursing motivates him to stay focused on work ethic.

"The first time writing lyrics was from poetry. Poetry was a piece of art that allowed me to be creative with my words. My favorite poet was Edgar Allen Poe, mostly for his writing style and the way he can use metaphors. The way I write my songs now are using elements of poetry such as metaphors and similes to create the stories of my life. I've been able to work with a few artists such as Mike Classic, Remo, and Kiingshooter. My favorite song of mine is “Freak”. I like this song because of the way I use my flows and transitions. My music has a vibe where I can listen to the song from start to finish. The first time I got into producing was actually from Djing. I went to DJ Scratch Academy to learn the fundamentals and techniques to DJ with vinyl records. Mixing different songs and samples caught my interest and I wanted to make beats. Each skill that I learned was self taught but I did learn from a few producers. Naxtrix from 8thflr, is now my mentor but at the time he watched my work progress. He actually gave me my first drum machine and that started my producing era. I produce with a newer urban style added with some soul. Understanding both writing and producing helps with song structure and knowing how creative I can be with my music." Said Platnume.

The journey that he venturing came with different obstacles but his biggest one was understanding who he as an artist. Platnume stands for a few meanings such as power, love, ambition, time, networth, unity, manifestation, and energy. 

"My sound demonstrates different elements of soul, multiple emotions, and different genres of music. My favorite genres are early to late 80’s music, rap, trap and R&B. The music back then gave an uplifting feel that brought people together. Listening to new music and vintage works keeps me motivated. I consider myself a trap soul artist because I rap and sing on my songs. My main goal in life is to become the most influenced artist in the world. My other goal is to own my own successful record label so that way more artists can have even more resources and creative freedom to express their talents. I speak for myself but also for people who are going through pain, looking for happiness, who are emotional, and people who feel love. When I hear my music, I can feel the emotion, time, and creativity that makes me the person I am today and will become in the near future." Platnume Stated.

After hitting with “No More Parties” a few months ago, Platnume is back today with a new single called “Romans” The DJ Jaden-produced track, this song represents the amount of time being put in to become successful. Time is precious, but having a goal and motivation can take you to greater heights. Platnume want people to feel that their dreams can come true. That it is okay to work hard and put apply pressure to see results in the near future. 

Alongside the track, he also share an electric music video to complement the new single. Check out "Romans" below and let us know what you think down in the comments. 

Quotable Lyrics:
My diamonds on smash
I gotta new drip
Shoot like beget
Better watch where you step,
Pour that lean imma sip

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